A Theology for Hipsters (Part 21): Hipster Hot Topics (Part 8)


The final area to consider under this heading of Hipster Hot Topics is the area of missions. As the “Missional” movement has burst onto the scene more and more young hipsters are sensing the significance of its theology and practice and are engaging in more local and international missionary work. Some of their favorite authors, pastors, and theologians are among those inspiring them to missionary work, men like: John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Ed Stetzer, Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, and David Platt. We will look in great detail at the missional movement and its influence on hipsters today, but their involvement in missions is, I believe, one of the strongest reasons to support and encourage young hipster Christians today. In my own congregation I am privileged to serve and worship with young men and women who are passionate about full-time missionary work in some of the most dangerous parts of the world. I count it an honor to pastor them.

Of all the criticism that McCracken offers of Christian Hipsters he makes little mention of the renewed interest in local and international missionary work among hipsters. Events like Passion Conference, and organizations like Acts 29 which plants hundreds of new churches every year demonstrate the powerful potential of these young hipsters. To denigrate them, or worse ignore them, is to miss out on what God is doing among them and through them. It is to the church’s peril that we deny or ignore the missionary work of Christian hipsters today, but we will talk about that more later on in full detail.

That is enough for this quick sort of cursory look at the hot topics among Christian hipsters. Next week we will move into some more weighty theological content: Keeping the Fundamentals!

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