MxPx and Philosophy: Invitation to Understanding

This post is an invitation to understanding and to MxPx

Hipster Hymnal

Diversity of sounds flow from the Hipster Hymnal

A Theology for Hipsters: A Theology of Culture (Part 4)

H. Richard Niebuhr has composed the most commonly used formulas for thinking about the Christ and Culture relationship

A Theology for Hipsters: A Theology of Culture (Part 3)

What’s the difference between engaging in culture and just indulging worldliness?

Hipster Hymns

Worship with these Hipster Hymns this week

A Post-Legalist’s Judgmental Heart

Legalism isn’t just found out there among hyper-conservatives, it’s found in my own heart

Hipster Hymns

Worship like a Hipster

Hipster Hymns

Worship with Loud Harp and Crooked Still from the Hipster Hymnal

Hipster Hymns

Add these selections to your worship this week

Hipster Hymns

Some new music from the Hipster Hymnal