A Review of “Help! Our Sex Life Is Troubled By Past Abuse” by Nate Brooks and Anna Mondal

This wise and sensitive booklet provides robust guidance to readers on navigating the impact of past abuse of present marital intimacy.

Why Do We Disagree? (Part 5)

Our disagreements often stem from our theological biases.

Why Do We Disagree? (Part 4)

We disagree because we feel differently.

Why Do We Disagree? (Part 3)

Theology tends to use adductive reasoning which means that we will sometimes come to different theological conclusions.

Why Do We Disagree? (Part 2)

Sometimes we have theological disagreements because we read the text differently.

Why Do We Disagree?

One reason we disagree over doctrinal matters is that we are imperfect readers of Scripture.

A Review of “God’s Healing for Life’s Losses” by Robert Kellemen

The Christian faith gives us unparalleled resources for facing grief. Not every author is adept at identifying those resources and communicating them to the grieving, but Bob Kellemen is. In God’s Healing for Life’s Losses Bob identifies the therapeutic resources of the Christian faith wonderfully, but more than that he provides the grieving with a […]

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will Be Done

Why does the Lord’s will often seem so difficult for us to accept? Most believers are not outright obstinate and rebellious. Generally speaking, we want to obey the Lord, and we want to desire God’s best for us. Yet, we often struggle with accepting the Lord’s will. I think a partial answer to the cause […]

Studies in James: The Purpose of the Epistle (Part 1)

Identifying the specific purpose of a sacred writing is sometimes relatively easy. Some authors, for example, state it outright (like John 20:31). At other times it is obvious from the subject matter of the letter, and still other times it is an easy inference from various sections of the letter. At other times, however, identifying […]

Studies in James: James vs Paul

James has his own concerns and they are not centered around Pauline thought.