Here are some of the writings I’ve done around the Web:

Biblical Counseling, Addictions, and the Body of Christ” at The Biblical Counseling Coalition

The Key To Any Effective Ministry” at The Gospel Coalition

Counseling People Struggling with Obsessions and Compulsions” at The Biblical Counseling Coalition

Sin and Biochemical Brokenness” at Servants of Grace

“Pornopoly” at The Gospel Coalition

Addiction and the Church at Christ and Pop Culture

“Scary Mercy” at The Gospel Coalition

“The Value of a Tired Soul” at The Gospel Coalition

Small Groups, Big Impact at Leadership Journal

“Hipster Christianity”: Did You Know That You’re A Hipster? at Christ and Pop Culture

What Christians Are Saying About My Tattoos, And How I Am Responding at Christ and Pop Culture

Superman Pastors Are Bound To Fail at The Gospel Coalition

Overcoming 5 Types of Anger at Crosswalk

Is Your Church A Recovery Culture Church at The Gospel Coalition

Romantic Love Is Not Enough at The Gospel Coalition

Anxiety and Humility at The Biblical Counseling Coalition

Integrating Counseling and Discipleship in the Local Church at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Blog

Four Frameworks for Fighting Fear at RPM Ministries Blog

Trauma and the Significance of Meaning at The Biblical Counseling Coalition

Prayer and the Harsh Husband at ChrisMoles.org

The Challenges of a Church-Based Addiction Ministry at ERLC

Why Addicts Must Learn to Practice Honesty at ERLC


  1. Pastor Dunham, I indeed stumbled onto your blog/site!
    I have been reading and listening to your resources here and on links and find them helpful, balanced and refreshing.
    My wife and I have been involved in starting and leading recovery ministry in local (Birmingham, Al area) churches for 13+ years. We (and our other leaders) are currently analyzing our entire recovery ministry resources, including long and short term groups and disciple-ing efforts.
    She is on staff of our small 5 year old start-up church and I am a lay leader.
    I was wondering if I could contact you directly to ask some questions about your support groups/counseling/mentors, etc.?

    Art Wimberly

  2. Your piece “The Value of a Tired Soul” was deep to the core. “A tired soul allows us to sympathize with one another, cry with one another. A tired soul understands another person’s hurt and pain, and doesn’t question the enduring sorrow.” Very true.

  3. Pastor Dave, I read your post on, “Thinking Carefully About “Identity in Christ”. It was well done and thought provoking. For the last 8 months I’ve been on a journey to better understand my Identify in Christ. I’ve identified 25 verses in the New Testament; which help me understand my position in Christ. Example: Romans 3:24 – We are justified (declared “not guilty” of sin). I like to meditate on these verses to help me understand what Christ has done for me. For years, I’ve lived below my position in Christ and this has been a blessing to me. I share this because God has used His word to transform my mind. I would be happy to share with you the verses if you’d like.
    Blessing my brother in Christ

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