Choosing Our Verbiage Carefully When Discussing Differences

Four examples of poor verbiage regarding disagreements over the pandemic.

The Curse of Getting What You Want

Getting what you want is a curse, unless what you want is Christ!

The Bible’s Big Picture on Anxiety

Anxiety is not always sin, according to Scripture.

Coronavirus and Emotions

Quarantine is a great time to analyze our emotions and learn to respond in godly ways.

Jesus’ Battle in the Wilderness for Our Good (Part 3)

The theology of the cross always wins over the theology of glory.

A Review of “The Whole Armor of God” by Iain Duguid

What Duguid offers in The Whole Armor of God is a fresh and Christ-centered approach to understanding the armor of God.

Theology and the Stories We Live By

Theology offers us an opportunity to rethink the stories we live by.

Jesus’ Battle in the Wilderness for Our Good (Part 2)

Because of Christ you too can resist the devil!

A Review of “Hearers and Doers” by Kevin Vanhoozer

The most un-Vanhoozer book that Kevin Vanhoozer has ever written.

Jesus’ Battle in the Wilderness for Our Good (Part 1)

Jesus empowers us to fight temptation with faith, because that’s just what He did on our behalf.