This Week’s Good Music

This week’s playlist is a bit more mellow.

Stability First: Practical Ways to Help Sufferers of Trauma

Some practical ways that good Biblical Counselors can help trauma sufferers move towards stability.

The Reformation Context (Part 4)

There are two pillars of late-medieval church dogma which significantly influenced the shape of the Protestant Reformation.

A Review of “The Gospel Comes with a House Key” by Rosaria Butterfield

This powerful vision of radical hospitality is worthy of your time.

This Week’s Good Music

This week’s diverse playlist.

The Reformation Context (Part 3)

Understanding the doctrinal contributions of Johannes Duns Scotus and William Occam allows us to see that the seeds of Luther’s ideas preceded him

Salvation at the Margins: Affection for the Lonely

The lonely find affection in the touch of Christ.

This Week’s Good Music

This week’s playlist is a bit late, but it’s got some great selections.

Stability First: God’s Compassion for Victims of Trauma

God is the “wonderful counselor,” and He demonstrates His compassion for victims of trauma by prioritizing stability.

Salvation at the Margins: Permission for the Oppressed

God offers mercy to those in oppressive marriages by granting them permission to divorce.