What Forgiveness Is

The church often has a shallow understanding of forgiveness. In my previous post in this mini-series, I explored some common myths about forgiveness, and exposed what forgiveness is NOT. Yet, it is important to clarify more fully what forgiveness actually is. Namely, we need to understand that forgiveness has two dimensions to it. Biblical forgiveness […]

7 Tests of Righteous Anger (Part 5): Right Restraint

Righteous anger is controlled anger

A Theology of Weakness

The Bible teaches us that weakness is an opportunity for God’s glory to work through us.

7 Tests of Righteous Anger (Part 4): Right Duration

Has your anger lingered too long?

What Forgiveness Isn’t

Forgiveness is such a difficult concept to grasp and to practice. On the one hand, as selfish people, we tend to believe our rights trump all others, and when offended we want payment not repentance. Christians too, however, struggle with the appropriate practice of forgiveness, for we tend to use the language of forgiveness to […]

7 Tests of Righteous Anger (Part 3): Right Response

Righteous anger must have the right response to the situation.

The Bible and Depression: Endurance

Psalm 88 is the reassurance that even in the deepest state of despair God is with us and He understands.

7 Tests of Righteous Anger (Part 2): Right Trigger

Am I Angry About the Right Things?

The Bible and Depression: Self-Talk

When depression arises from negative self-talk the Bible encourages us to fight back with the truth about God.

7 Tests of Righteous Anger (Part 1)

An introduction to the important discipline of evaluating our anger.