A Testimony of Overcoming Anxiety

A beautiful testimony of God’s grace helping someone to overcome anxiety.

Rethinking Christian Community (Part 5): The Fear of Legalism

Be aware of legalism, but embrace community.

A Review of “Anxiety: Knowing God’s Peace” by Paul Tautges

This book exposits Scripture and applies theology well to one of life’s most common and distressing struggles.

Fighting Sexual Sin with Proper Motivation

Understanding the nature of sexual immorality and our union with Christ serve as the best motivators in our fight against sexual sin.

The Value of Suffering in Sanctification (Part 3)

One of the values of suffering is that it helps to expose remaining sin.

Rethinking Christian Community (Part 4): The Fear of Commitment

Fear of commitment harms our Christian community

The Value of Suffering in Sanctification (Part 2)

Suffering allows us to experience a measure of Christ’s sufferings

The Value of Suffering in Sanctification (Part 1)

Suffering enhances our relationship with God.

Rethinking Christian Community (Part 3): The Problem of Consumerism

Consumerism negatively affects Christians at both the individual and corporate levels.

A Review of “Contentment” by Megan Hill

This is a theologically rich devotional with loads of practical help.