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What is the Culture of Your Home?

Healthy family cultures are engaged in equilibrium, open dialogue, and expressive grace.

Studies in Galatians: 4:12-20

True gospel ministry is deeply personal.

Theology and Beauty: The Natural World

The contention of this series has been that beauty helps us to understand existence. We have seen how the Triune God grounds this assertion in His own being. The ontological nature of beauty is confirmed by the simplicity of the beautiful God.[1] Now we must apply this to the world in which we live and […]

A Review of “How Does Sanctification Work?” by David Powlison

This book reminds us that there is no simplistic formula for sanctification.

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A handful of articles to check out from around the web.

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Expanding Your Corrective Discipline Tool Belt

Often we lose it with our kids because our approach to discipline is too limited.

Studies in Galatians: 3:15-4:11

To think that we are saved through the law is to misunderstand the law and the promises of God.

Theology and Beauty: Beauty and the Triune God

Beauty is grounded in the ontological Trinity