Self-Harm and Suicide

Attention to the unique motives behind self-injurious behavior allows for more effective counseling. 

A Review of “Freedom from Self-Harm” by Kim Gratz and Alexander Chapman

Freedom from Self-Harm is a valuable for its dismantling of the common myths surrounding self-harm.

The Jesus People Movement: Birthed from Despair

The combination of the collapse of hippie idealism and the compassion of Christian evangelists served to birth a massive youth revival.

How to Confess Temptation to Your Spouse

The following 8 principles can serve to safeguard a wise confession to your spouse.

Why the Jesus People Movement

This is a part of history that is worth remembering and worth learning from.

What Not to Confess to Your Spouse

Confession to your spouse should be done carefully.

Misfit Ministry: Responding to Misguided Spirituality

Misfit ministry is a response to the misguided spiritualities of modern day Evangelicalism.

Confessing the Temptation to Be Unfaithful to Your Spouse

Confessing temptations not only has the potential to break their power, but also to strengthen our marriages.

The Bible Questions Us

we must not forget that even as we ask questions of the Bible the more pressing issue is what the Bible asks of us.

A Review of “Can Christianity Cure Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?” by Ian Osborn

A fascinating look at how trusting God can actually help those who suffer from OCD.