A Review of “Christ Alone” by Stephen Wellum

What this volume lacks in presentation it makes up for in content.

This Week’s Good Reads

Check out these interesting articles from around the web: 1. “Timothy George Lectures on the Reformation” by Justin Taylor Dr. George is a phenomenal historian, particularly on the subject of Luther, and a delightful lecturer. Here are two videos of his most recent Reformation lectures given at Southeastern Seminary. Well worth the time to listen […]

Misfit Ministry: Organic Discipleship

Discipleship is not a program, it is a community project.

The Five Solas: Grace Alone

Keep Jesus at the center of grace, like the Reformers did.

The Spiritual Gifts: Responding to the Faith-Healing Movement

The Faith-Healing Movement overemphasizes the role of faith in Biblical healing.

A Review of “The Soul of Shame” by Curt Thompson

This work presents readers with a theologically rich psychology of shame.

This Week’s Good Reads

A list of interesting articles from around the web.

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Monthly Love: September

My Favorite Things from September

The Five Solas: Sola Scriptura

The health of the church requires that we look to the Bible as the source of authority for all matters of life of faith.