An Introduction to the 95 Theses (Part 5)

Luther concludes his argument with the four most rhetorically charged theses of the whole document.

Studies in Psalm 119: The Word is a Delight

The Psalmist finds God’s Word a delight to his soul; do you?

A Review of “Grace-Based Recovery” by Jonathan Daugherty

here is a great strength in a recovery model rooted in grace, but Daugherty’s book lacks the depth needed to guide people out of the bondage of an addiction.

Grief and the Gift of Loving Others

Grief reminds us of what a joy it is to love others.

An Introduction to the 95 Theses (Part 4)

Luther utilizes common critiques of indulgences to point the reader back to  his own proposed solution. 

Studies in Psalm 119: The Protection of the Word

The Word of God provides protection for the follower of God.

On Cultivating an Appetite for Sin

When we don’t repent, sin will lead to more sin and eventually take us to places we never thought we’d go.

A Review of “Raising Kids in the Way of Grace” by Bob Kellemen

I highly recommend this encouraging read to any struggling parent.

Studies in Psalm 119: Obedience and Flourishing

Psalm 119 teaches us that obedience to God’s Word leads to flourishing.

An Introduction to the 95 Theses (Part 3)

An examination of theses 6-80 on the limitations of indulgences.