Plans for 2018 Study Project

Help me pick a study topic for 2018!

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Five Ways to Shut Down a Conversation

There are five common ways we can intentionally attempt to shut down a conversation.

The Fruit of the Spirit: Peace

Peace stems from our relationship with God, but when we rest confident in it, this fruit will be evident in the rest of our lives.

The Spiritual Gifts: Understanding the Views (Part 3)

The ultimate weakness of the Open But Cautious view is that it doesn’t really move that far from the Cessationist view.

A Review of “Restoring the Shattered Self” by Heather Davediuk Gingrich

Despite proposing to be a Christian counselor’s guide, this book is simply not strong enough on theology.

This Week’s Good Reads

A collection of interesting articles compiled from around the web

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Check back next week for these posts and more at Pastor Dave Online

Your Spouse Does Not Complete You

Your spouse does not complete you, but Jesus can.

Fruit of the Spirit: Joy

The duty to delight is really a gift from God.