Grace Blockers: Control

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Control will keep you stuck, so humble yourself and find abundant grace for your life.

Focus on Christ, Not on Christlikeness


As we seek to grow we need to focus not on our behavior but on our savior.

This Week’s Good Reads


Every week I collect interesting articles from around the web. Here is this week’s collection. Check it out.

Next Week


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The Power of Scripture: Matthew 6:25-34


Matthew 6:25-34 has been a powerful and transformative text in my own life. I pray it is an encouragement to you too.

Grace Blockers: Addiction

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Addictions will always become a drain on our spiritual vitality.

Helping My Addict: Don’t Give Up Hope


As long as there is a God there is always the possibility of change.

A Review of “Addiction and Change” by Carlo DiClemente


I highly recommend this volume to counselors and addiction treatment professionals.

Summer Reading List

My reading list for this summer

This Week’s Good Reads


This week’s collection of interesting articles


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