Bridge Builders: Alan Noble


Alan interacts critically with our common culture as a means to building bridges between opposing communities.

A Review of “Behind the Masks” by Wayne Oates


This is more a place-holder than a sufficient resource, but it’s a good place-holder.

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When You’re More Committed to the Relationship than They Are


As relationships become strained love changes, even if it never fully goes away.

Our New Anxiety Curriculum


Get a free look at our new anxiety curriculum.

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Next week I will be limited in my ability to post, but you can expect at least a few things.

Responding to the Narcissistic Prayer Life

BK959N Detail of Echo and Narcissus by John William Waterhouse painted 1903

Correction of the narcissistic prayer life will mean speaking directly to three kinds of misuses.

Bridge Builders: Glenn Stanton


Stanton models for us the importance of friendship with our Gay neighbors.

A Review of “Trapped” by Andy Farmer


While this book has good content, its breadth limits it effectiveness.

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