Crafting Effective Homework: The Rationale (Part 2)

Last week I explored several key reasons that Biblical Counselors give homework. I focused particularly on the benefits it provides to counselors as they seek to be the most help that they can be to their counselees. But homework very obviously helps counseless too, and turning our attention now to the benefits to them will […]

A Review of “Can I Lose My Salvation?” by R.C. Sproul

This book serves as a quick-reference guide to navigating the important truths needed to do battle with doubt.

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Prayer and the Harsh Husband

The prayers of a harsh husband accomplish nothing.

Studies in Galatians: 5:13-6:10

Freedom from the law is not a freedom to self-indulgence, but a commitment to the law of love.

Crafting Effective Homework: The Rationale (Part 1)

Counselors should give homework as much for their own sake as for those they seek to help

A Review of “Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God” by Gordon Fee

Here is a book that emphasizes both the theology of the Spirit and the experience of the Spirit in a helpful and challenging way.

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This Week’s Good Reads

A collection of interesting articles from around the web.

Three Idols That Cultivate Parenting Problems

Three common idols lie behind our parental anger.