Misfit Ministry: A Ministry of Deep Community

Misfit ministries know community matters, it’s not optional.

A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 5): Remarriage

All Biblically qualified divorces permit the victims of a broken marriage to remarry.

The Spiritual Gifts: More than Charismata

When we speak about the Spiritual Gifts we must remember that there are more than the Charismatic ones.

A Review of “Descriptions and Prescriptions” by Michael Emlet

This work is one of the most helpful resources on one of the most complex issues

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Misfit Ministry: A Ministry of Passion

A Misfit Ministry wants to emulate the passionate commitment of the early church.

A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 4): The Contemporary Church

Using the rubric of the three covenant vows can be a help to determining whether a person is the victim of a pattern of unrepentant broken vows that grants them the freedom to Biblically divorce.

The Spiritual Gifts: The Spirit & the Word (Part 3)

Where extra-biblical revelation is subject to Scripture and derived from Scripture it can be perfectly compatible with our doctrine of the sufficiency and authority of the Bible.

A Review of “Belonging and Becoming” by Mark and Lisa Scandrette

This is the strategic family tool I have been waiting on for years!

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