Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 5): Mind-Reading

False mind reading asserts that we know what other people’s thoughts are about us.

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 4): Jumping to Conclusions

Anxiety draws conclusions without consulting the data. Wisdom seeks knowledge.

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 3): False Extremes

False Extremes fail to acknowledge the progressive nature of life and sanctification.

Review “The Intentional Christian Community Handbook” by David Janzen

Despite its narrow focus, this book has a lot to teach us about general Christian community.

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 2): Catastrophizing

Identifying and responding to Catastrophizing.

Update on a New Book Project

An update on a new book project.

7 Tests of Righteous Anger (Part 8): Right Effect

Your anger may “work” but is it righteous?

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 1): An Introduction

An introduction to the common thinking errors that can both trigger and perpetuate an experience of anxiety.

What Forgiveness Is (Part 3)

Forgiveness that is from the heart is about an intentional decisions not to bring up past offenses to those who wrong us, to other people, and most especially to ourselves.

7 Tests of Righteous Anger (Part 7): Right Charge

Are you “slow to anger”?