This Week’s Good Music

This week’s playlist stems from my reflection on Sunday’s upcoming sermon.

Next Week

Here’s what you can expect next week at Pastor Dave Online

Studies in Nahum: 2:1-13

Nineveh’s judgment is a reminder of the justice of God!

Studying the Reformation

Three things I am seeking to better understand as I study the Protestant Reformation this year.

The Church’s Misfit Members: Hurting Souls

Hurting souls should be among the church both for their good and for ours.

This Week’s Good Music

Five new songs to kick of March’s playlist

Studies in Nahum: 1:9-15

There is still good news for the children of God today.

The Impact of Trauma of Time, Body, and Word (Part 4)

God can give words to the experiences of trauma victims through the Scriptures.

The Church’s Misfit Members: Prophetic Punks

Punks provide a prophetic voice of warning and criticism that the broader church would do well to hear.

A Review of “The Unquenchable Flame” by Michael Reeves

For those looking for a popular and accessible work on the Reformation, but one that does not simplify the history itself, this is the book