A Review of “With” by Alvin Reid and George Robinson


This book is a good illustration of what mentoring looks like.

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The Attributes of God and Biblical Counseling: Wisdom


Use the attribute of God’s wisdom in counseling to encourage and invite counselees trust in this only wise God.

Counseling and the Types of Anger


As you train yourself to understand the diversity of anger’s manifestations you will be better equipped to help those who are struggling with it.

Studies in Daniel: Chapter 8


Respond to bad news with realism, but respond also with hope.

A Review of “The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life” by Jeremy Pierre


This book is a needed corrective to simplistic models of Biblical Counseling.

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The Attributes of God in Biblical Counseling: Patience


Call your counselees to God by highlighting His unparalleled patience. His patience means salvation.

Marveling at the Feet of God


The three different levels of encountering God’s presence at Mt. Sinai can help us to appreciate our own experience of God’s presence in Christ today

Studies in Daniel: Chapter 7


God’s Kingdom is sure and everlasting. Choose this day, then, whom you will serve!