God’s Compassion on Our Doubts

God’s Word reveals His compassion on hurting and doubting people

When Good Things Become Bad: Intelligence

Intellect becomes bad when it is disconnected from relationships, is unaccompanied by wisdom, and becomes the ultimate goal.

Using Anchors in Battling Anxiety

Anchors help to interrupt a cycle of anxious thoughts and ground people in the present.

A Review of ESV Scripture Journal

This new format for a Bible journal is a great improvement with loads of potential for enhancing Bible study.

When Good Things Become Bad: Sleep

Sleep cannot replace God, but we can sleep when we know and trust this God.

Man of Sorrows: Jesus Knows Our Suffering

Christ knows about loss, betrayal, and abuse. So, come to Him with your hurts.

When Good Things Become Bad: Technology

Technology becomes bad when it distracts us from what is most important. 

When Good Things Become Bad: Food

Eating becomes bad when it replaces the role of God in our lives.

A Review of “Cutting: A Healing Response” by Jeremy Lelek

This book’s use of narrative is helpful in clarifying the counseling process, but it doesn’t give enough information on the actual problem itself.

What’s Up With My NBA Love?

I don’t like sports, so why am I watching the NBA?