Love Believes All Things (Part 3)

Ultimately we don’t believe the best about one another because we are each selfish.

Love Believes All Things (Part 2)

Believing the best of others involves at least three key elements.

Love Believes All Things (Part 1)

Love believes all things. What exactly does this mean?

A Review of “Gentle and Lowly” by Dane Ortlund

Dane Ortlund reminds us to emphasize what the Bible emphasizes regarding the heart of Christ.

On God’s Natural and Strange Work

The concept of God’s natural work and strange work can be used to help those who are struggling with the assurance of God’s love.

How Should We Think About Wearing Masks

Four Ways to think Biblically about wearing a Mask on Sunday

A Review of “On the Road with Saint Augustine” by James K.A. Smith

James K.A. Smith teaches us that we can learn from Augustine because we are just like him.

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What NOT To Do When You Discover Abuse

Here are four common things the church should NOT do when we discover abuse in Christian homes.

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Music playlist for the week of 06/22/20