Become A Suffering Sensitive Evangelist

Six ways to demonstrate sensitivity to the suffering story of de-churched people

Best Books of the Year…So Far (2019)

I generally read close to 50 books a year, but this year has been different. As 2018 ended I was personally struggling. I was stressed, burnt-out, and mentally exhausted. At that time I was encouraged by a wise older friend to slow down, take a break, and pick up a completely different hobby. I followed […]

What Forgiveness Is (Part 2)

“If he repents…” Those three words make a huge difference to our understanding of the horizontal dimension of forgiveness. The first word makes it a conditional clause. The second word puts the onus on the offending party. The third word spells out the terms of the condition: repentance, a turning away from sin. These three […]

7 Tests of Righteous Anger (Part 6): Right Motive

Righteous anger is motivated by the right things.

Grieving the Spirit of God in Your Marital Communication

The Bible teaches us that the way we communicate can either please or “grieve” the Holy Spirit.

A Review of “Counsel for Couples” by Jonathan Holmes

This may be the most important book on marriage counseling that the Biblical Counseling community has yet produced!

What Forgiveness Is

The church often has a shallow understanding of forgiveness. In my previous post in this mini-series, I explored some common myths about forgiveness, and exposed what forgiveness is NOT. Yet, it is important to clarify more fully what forgiveness actually is. Namely, we need to understand that forgiveness has two dimensions to it. Biblical forgiveness […]

7 Tests of Righteous Anger (Part 5): Right Restraint

Righteous anger is controlled anger

A Theology of Weakness

The Bible teaches us that weakness is an opportunity for God’s glory to work through us.

7 Tests of Righteous Anger (Part 4): Right Duration

Has your anger lingered too long?