What NOT To Do When You Discover Abuse

Here are four common things the church should NOT do when we discover abuse in Christian homes.

This Week’s Playlist

Music playlist for the week of 06/22/20

A Review of “Kierkegaard: A Christian Missionary to Christians” by Mark Tietjen

If author Mark Tietjen is right in his analysis than Soren Kierkegaard has plenty to say to American Christians today.

Trust and Obey

Faith and obedience are inter-related, but how you understand that relationship matters. 

A Review of “Am I Just My Brain?” by Sharon Dirckx

We don’t have to fear neuroscience, nor do we have to bend to everything that claims to be supported by neuroscience.

Choosing Our Verbiage Carefully When Discussing Differences

Four examples of poor verbiage regarding disagreements over the pandemic.

The Curse of Getting What You Want

Getting what you want is a curse, unless what you want is Christ!

The Bible’s Big Picture on Anxiety

Anxiety is not always sin, according to Scripture.

Coronavirus and Emotions

Quarantine is a great time to analyze our emotions and learn to respond in godly ways.

Jesus’ Battle in the Wilderness for Our Good (Part 3)

The theology of the cross always wins over the theology of glory.