A Review of “Untangling Emotions” by Alasdair Groves and Winston Smith

Alasdair Groves and Winston Smith have written an easy read with unparalleled depth and clarity on the emotions.

Self-Harm and Addiction

There are three ways that self-harm parallel what we already know about addictive habits.

The Bible and Depression: Sorrow

In the midst of depression caused by sorrow God invites us to look at the bigger picture.

The Bible and Depression: Sin

Not all depression is rooted in sin, but some depression is. Thankfully the Bible offers us help.

On Mocking Your Idols

Mockery is a great tool for fighting our own idols.

Don’t Settle For Simple Explanations

Simple explanations will rob us of the wealth of resources that can help us with our problems.

A Review of “Unstuck” by Tim Lane

Tim Lane has written an excellent guide for the average Christian wanting to change and grow.

God’s Compassion on Our Doubts

God’s Word reveals His compassion on hurting and doubting people

When Good Things Become Bad: Intelligence

Intellect becomes bad when it is disconnected from relationships, is unaccompanied by wisdom, and becomes the ultimate goal.

Using Anchors in Battling Anxiety

Anchors help to interrupt a cycle of anxious thoughts and ground people in the present.