Rethinking Christian Community (Part 2): The Problem of Mobility

Our transience has harmed our sense of community, focusing on layers of proximity may help.

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 9): Feeling-Based Reasoning

We want our emotions to conform to God’s Word, instead of trying to make our world conform to our emotions.

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 8): False Shoulds

False-Should can be challenged by the authority of God’s moral standards.

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 7): Nearsightedness

Anxiety’s Nearsightedness can be challenged by the glasses of faith in God!

On Building and Venting Anger

Neither suppression, nor ventilation, works to relieve the negative emotions of anger.

Rethinking Christian Community (Part 1)

There are good and bad reasons why the modern church does not look like the church in Acts

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 6): Generalizations

Fighting back against this interpretation will mean believing that God is more sovereign than our predicted patterns.

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 5): Mind-Reading

False mind reading asserts that we know what other people’s thoughts are about us.

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 4): Jumping to Conclusions

Anxiety draws conclusions without consulting the data. Wisdom seeks knowledge.

Anxiety’s False Interpretations (Part 3): False Extremes

False Extremes fail to acknowledge the progressive nature of life and sanctification.