The Foundation of Love

When God is the foundation of our love for others, then we can rightly love them.

A 2022 Reading Challenge

Doing a reading challenge with my wife; here are my selections.

Studies in James: Influences (Part 2)

The teachings of Jesus were a major influence on the themes of James’ Epistle.

For Our Sake He Was Terrified

Jesus’ humanity in the Garden displays the intensity of His love for us.

Studies in James: Influences (Part 1)

The Epistle of James does not arise out of a vacuum. Its author was raised in a religious world, and under the influence of Judaism and its sacred writings. This author was also the brother of Jesus and was a convinced follower that Jesus, believing him to be the promised Messiah. All of this shapes […]

A Review of “A Biblical Counseling Process” by Lauren Whitman

This book is like a mentor for new counselors

Studies in James: Who Was James?

There is good reason to believe that Jesus brother wrote the epistle of James, and his authorship has some inspiring value for our own faith.

The Best Books of 2021

These were my favorite books published in 2021: (1) Making Sense of Forgiveness by Brad Hambrick We often take for granted that we rightly understand forgiveness because it is such a foundational concept to the Christian life. In this volume, however, Hambrick provides us with a more robust theology of forgiveness and a more wise […]

Books I Read in 2021

Here’s what I read in 2021!

A Review of “The Gospel for Disordered Lives” by Jones, Kellen, and Green

This is the most comprehensive introductory volume on Biblical Counseling.