A Review of “Loving Your Community” by Stephen Viars

Steve Viars reminds us that we don’t have to choose between robust theology and community outreach.

Leadership in the Home is About Empowering Others

Godly leadership in the home exercises power under, not power over.

The Purity of the Words of God in Psalm 12

While men use words to deceive and control, God’s Word is pure and trustworthy.

The Equation of Psalm 63

The Psalmist presents us with an equation that reminds us to prioritize God in our pursuits

Spiritual Maturity Gives Latitude Not Judgment

You are not spiritually mature if you are obsessed with the sins and failures of others.

Books I Read in 2019

An annotated look at the books I read this year.

Anxiety’s Terrible Companions

Anxiety runs around with several terrible friends.

The Value of Suffering in Sanctification (Part 4)

Suffering displays our sanctification and serves to help others in their sanctification.

A Testimony of Overcoming Anxiety

A beautiful testimony of God’s grace helping someone to overcome anxiety.

Rethinking Christian Community (Part 5): The Fear of Legalism

Be aware of legalism, but embrace community.