Training Biblical Counselors Globally: An Interview with Wayne Vanderwier

An interview with the Director of Overseas Instruction in Counseling, Wayne Vanderwier on the importance and challenges of Biblical Counseling education globally.

The Messiah for Pariahs: Jesus, Friend of Sinners

Jesus’ relationship with sinners is a vital element of his identity as the Messiah.

What Does Pluralism Mean for Evangelism?

Our pluralist context requires us to rethink our evangelistic method

Failures in Church Planting

It is my humble opinion that many church plants fail largely owing to a lack of imagination

We’re (Not) Gonna Change the World

We must work to transform the world with humility and with eyes fixed on the only one who can do that perfectly and finally: Jesus

Themes in the Book of Jonah: The Universal King

In Jonah we see that God’s Kingship extends to all nations, and we are forced to ask if we are part of that plan and if we have willingly accepted Him as King of our lives.

A Theology for Hipsters (Part 21): Hipster Hot Topics (Part 8)

Christian Hipsters are part of a renewed missionary movement…therefore they should not be ignored!

Missionary Strategies

Paul’s Missionary Strategies

Ed Stetzer on “What is the Mission of the Church?”

Ed Stetzer finally jumps into the discussion surrounding Greg Gilbert’s and Kevin DeYoung’s book.

The Glory and Power of the Gospel

David Platt’s sermon from Desiring God’s National Conference