Theology and the Stories We Live By

Theology offers us an opportunity to rethink the stories we live by.

A Theology of Weakness

The Bible teaches us that weakness is an opportunity for God’s glory to work through us.

The Bible Questions Us

we must not forget that even as we ask questions of the Bible the more pressing issue is what the Bible asks of us.

Biblical Counseling Must Address Actual Sins

Actual sins must be addressed as part of a holistic plan of counseling against sin.

Original Sin and Counseling

Doctrine matters for counseling, and this doctrine in particular matters for addressing problems.

Sin is a Relational Problem

Sin has been defined in many ways, but it can be helpful to think of sin in terms of a relational problem.

The Existence of God and Degrees of Goodness

When we evaluate the goodness of something we are comparing them to some true “form” of the good.

Theology and Beauty: The Other

There are a number of ways in which aesthetics actually motivates ethics.

Beauty and Theology: The Self

Aesthetic judgments play a role in self-knowledge, as we ascertain the ways in which we fit within culture.

Theology and Beauty: The Natural World

The contention of this series has been that beauty helps us to understand existence. We have seen how the Triune God grounds this assertion in His own being. The ontological nature of beauty is confirmed by the simplicity of the beautiful God.[1] Now we must apply this to the world in which we live and […]