Theology and Beauty: The Natural World

The contention of this series has been that beauty helps us to understand existence. We have seen how the Triune God grounds this assertion in His own being. The ontological nature of beauty is confirmed by the simplicity of the beautiful God.[1] Now we must apply this to the world in which we live and […]

Theology and Beauty: Beauty and the Triune God

Beauty is grounded in the ontological Trinity

Theology and Beauty: The Transcendentals

Is there a relationship between the three great Trascendentals and the concept of being?

The Attributes of God in Biblical Counseling: Introduction

The attributes of God can be a great resource for all of us in our struggles against sin and suffering.

Every Church Needs A Research & Development Department

All healthy churches need a research and development department.

Easter and the Son of God in Power

How should orthodox Christians think about Romans 1:4 this Easter?

Reflections on a Year-Long Study on Discipleship

Making disciples is easier than we thought, being a faithful disciple is harder than we like to admit.

Creative Theology Interviews: John Frame

An interview with Dr. Frame about theological methodology and doing creative work in theology.

I’ve Been Framed! A Brief Recognition of John Frame

My friend Dylan Rowland explains what makes John Frame such an important theologian

Creative Theology: Remythologizing Theology

Remythologizing theology is necessary for giving meaning to the various doctrines of the church.