Theology and Beauty: Beauty and the Triune God

Beauty is grounded in the ontological Trinity

Theology and Beauty: The Transcendentals

Is there a relationship between the three great Trascendentals and the concept of being?

The Attributes of God in Biblical Counseling: Introduction

The attributes of God can be a great resource for all of us in our struggles against sin and suffering.

Every Church Needs A Research & Development Department

All healthy churches need a research and development department.

Easter and the Son of God in Power

How should orthodox Christians think about Romans 1:4 this Easter?

Reflections on a Year-Long Study on Discipleship

Making disciples is easier than we thought, being a faithful disciple is harder than we like to admit.

Creative Theology Interviews: John Frame

An interview with Dr. Frame about theological methodology and doing creative work in theology.

I’ve Been Framed! A Brief Recognition of John Frame

My friend Dylan Rowland explains what makes John Frame such an important theologian

Creative Theology: Remythologizing Theology

Remythologizing theology is necessary for giving meaning to the various doctrines of the church.

Creative Theology: The Role of Tradition

Tradition, when contextually appropriated, can greatly inform our creative theological work.