Creative Theology: The Role of Tradition

Tradition, when contextually appropriated, can greatly inform our creative theological work.

Creative Theology: Introduction (Part 4)

Creativity keeps us from blind acceptance and theological reductionism

Creative Theology Interviews: Michael Bird

An Interview with Michael Bird on creative theology

Creative Theology: The Normative Role of Scripture

Our creative theological work is dependent upon God’s revealed Word

Creative Theology: Introduction (Part 3)

There are some who are still opposed to the idea of a creative theology

Creative Theology: Introduction (Part 2)

Theological creativity is essential if we are going to rightly apply the Scriptures.

Creative Theology: Introduction (Part 1)

Theological creativity allows us to better understand and better apply doctrine.

Doing Theology in Love

Christians have a responsibility to do theology in a way that promotes the unity of the church.

The Danger of a Disembodied Theology

An embodied theology is essential to the Christian faith. Anything less is dangerous to us and irrelevant to others.

Learning to Love the Bible from Psalm 119

We can learn much about how to love the Bible from studying Psalm 119