The Gospel Coalition Conference

This last week I spent several days in Chicago for the Gospel Coalition Conference. It was a great time, and I was blessed by great teaching. Among the guest speakers for the conference were, as follows: Tim Keller; John Piper, Philip Graham Ryken, Mark Driscoll; Bryan Chapell; Adjith Fernando; C.J. Mahaney; Joshua Harris; Sandy Wilson; J. Ligon Duncan III; Erwin Lutzer; and D.A. Carson. What I learned from the conference was a great reminder that the ancient text of God’s Holy Word is compatible with alternative, relevant, and contemporary ministry methods. It was this merging of the ancient with the current that struck me so much this week.

What we saw, while at the conference, was a group of 3,300 men and women from various backgrounds and interests rubbing shoulders together, and worshiping the same Jesus. Young men with tattoos and mohawks sat next to fifty year old men with suits and perfectly parted hair, both of whom were buying books by Mark Driscoll and R. Albert Mohler Jr. It was neat to see this going on in an age when the Emergent church types are telling us that to be cool, relevant, and “with the culture” you have to give up that old, tired, and played-out gospel message of Jesus dying for sinners. In spite of that comment there was a full blown comittment by those in participant this week to engage their culture with nothing less than the very word of God! We have been “Entrusted with the Gospel” and I am to hold it tightly as I seek to engage the world around me!

Check out the conference here. And here’s a great introductory video for those of you unfamiliar with this gathering.

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