The Curse of Getting What You Want

Getting what you want is a curse, unless what you want is Christ!

Bridge Builders: Robert Kellemen

Dr. Robert Kellemen has been a bridge builder within the Biblical Counseling community, by striving to emphasize our common ground.

Bridge Builders: Alan Noble

Alan interacts critically with our common culture as a means to building bridges between opposing communities.

Bridge Builders: Glenn Stanton

Stanton models for us the importance of friendship with our Gay neighbors.

Bridge Builders: Karen Swallow Prior

How do those on the right open lines of communication with those on the far left? It’s an important question for the church to wrestle with in the age of “shut up.” Hatred fuels disagreement and most conversations devolve into name calling and a refusal to listen. We need a better model, and that’s why […]

Bridge Builders: Trillia Newbell

The church is in desperate need of Trillia’s unique voice and perspective.

Bridge Builders: Russell Moore

Russ Moore is serving all of us by holding firmly his Evangelical convictions and yet still building bridges across religious divides.

Bridge Builders: An Introduction

Over the next several weeks I want to highlight some wonderful men and women who are building bridges in different communities and contexts for the sake of conversation and gospel fruit.

Authenticity and Sin

Authenticity can become a justification for selfishness.

Brad Hambrick on Why Christians Should Have Gay Friends

Brad Hambrick explains why he wrote Do Ask, Do Tell, Let’s Talk