Love Your LGBT Neighbor

4 Suggestions on how to love your neighbor in the aftermath of the SCOTUS Marriage Equality decision

Love is Always Discriminating

True love must always make choices, and we want to always choose what is truly best for our friends

The Importance of Beauty in the Education of Men

Beauty matters. It matters to God. It matters to life. It should matter to men.

Learning From New Monasticism: Daily Worship

To counter the inundation of worldly influences we need to develop a habit of daily communal worship.

Learning From New Monasticism: Abstention

If our cultural practices shape our desires then abstention from some may just be the difference between spiritual health and sin

Learning from New Monastics

We have a “quantity of immersion” problem in America. Some habits of monastic life can help us counter this problem.

Our Cultural Loss of Sadness

We must recovery an understanding of true, normal sadness.

Christian Reflections on Lust, Modesty, and Beauty (Part 6): What is Lust?

The church must be able to carefully, Biblically, and intelligently answer the question, “what is lust,” if we want to appropriately help each other fight against it.

Christian Reflections on Lust, Modesty, and Beauty (Part 5): Principles for an Ethic of Dress

Three Principles for developing a Biblical ethic for dressing

Christian Reflections on Lust, Modesty, and Beauty (Part 4): Modesty Culture

The way Evangelicals talk about modesty has unintentionally created a culture of shame for women