My Christmas Movie List

My top five Christmas movie recommendations

Video Series on Subtle Sins

Video series I worked on regarding Subtle Sins in our lives and how to fight them

Hipster Hymnal (Part 24)

Does the Hipster Hymnal have any bad songs…the answer you’re looking for is no!

The Glory and Power of the Gospel

David Platt’s sermon from Desiring God’s National Conference

Invictus Invites Us To Consider Grace

The film Invictus paints a beautiful picture of grace and forgiveness that we all need to see.

Watch TGC 11

The videos for Together for the Gospel Plenary Sessions are up and ready for your viewing.

Why Amos Lee is Awesome

I’ve got four reasons why you need to know and love Amos Lee.

The Gospel Coalition Conference

A Quick Overview of The Gospel Coalition Conference, which took place April 21st-23rd, 2009.

My New Sermon Series

I begin preaching this Sunday a new sermon series through the book of 1 Kings. I am very excited about it and here is the promotional video for the series.

Re:Lit | Death By Love: Letters from the Cross | Mark Driscoll & Gerry Breshears

Check out the Promo for Mark Driscoll’s New Book more about “Re:Lit | Death By Love: Letters from …“, posted with vodpod