Become A Suffering Sensitive Evangelist

Six ways to demonstrate sensitivity to the suffering story of de-churched people

Your Right To Not Be Offended?

By focusing on a presumed right to not be offended we can end up alienating those who need to hear the gospel

Subjective Evangelism

There should be an element of personal pleading in our evangelism, not just a communication of gospel truths

What Does Pluralism Mean for Evangelism?

Our pluralist context requires us to rethink our evangelistic method

Evangelism: The Spirit and the Word

Biblical evangelism must rely on the Spirit of God to work through the Word of God

The Repentant City: Jonah’s Mission Accomplished

Nineveh’s repentance and Jonah’s ministry speak volumes about me and my city.

The Glory and Power of the Gospel

David Platt’s sermon from Desiring God’s National Conference

Don’t Give Them Answers: A Review of “Questioning Evangelism” by Randy Newman

Answering questions with questions might just change the kind of results you get in your evangelism.

Evangelism and the Filthy Watering Hole

I went swimming in a polluted watering hole for Jesus…now I need to do it more often!

John 17 and Denominationalism (Part 3)

John 17 is a call for cross-denominational ministry. There are a number of reasons why we don’t participate, but are you ready to lay them aside?