Domestic Abuse and the Church

There are two major ways that the church can unintentionally provide a safe haven for abusers.

The Difference Between Gifts and Fruit

A successful ministry is not equivalent to a godly minister.

Every Church Needs A Research & Development Department

All healthy churches need a research and development department.

How We Disagree Matters

Because unity matters to the church we should think carefully about how we disagree.

Is Your Church Safe for Those Struggling with a Same-Sex Attraction?

Our churches are safe for these brothers and sisters when we treat their temptations and struggles the way we should treat all temptations and struggles: with normalcy, compassion, and fellowship.

On Being A Teaching Church

It is extremely important for healthy churches to be teaching churches.

The Church Needs Your Voice Even If It Doesn’t Adopt Your Soapbox

Not every ministry can be championed by your church, but that should not stop you from speaking about it

Interpreting the Scriptures as Part of the Church

We need each other to better understand the Bible

Your Problems Belong To Your Church

It can be a scary realization, but when I get that my problems actually belong to my church it can also be freeing.

Failures in Church Planting

It is my humble opinion that many church plants fail largely owing to a lack of imagination