Sex-on-Demand is Not God’s Design: Clarifying 1 Corinthians 7:2-5

1 Corinthians 7 is often misused to make sex-on-demand acceptable within marriage.

Love Believes All Things (Part 3)

Ultimately we don’t believe the best about one another because we are each selfish.

Love Believes All Things (Part 2)

Believing the best of others involves at least three key elements.

Love Believes All Things (Part 1)

Love believes all things. What exactly does this mean?

How Should We Think About Wearing Masks

Four Ways to think Biblically about wearing a Mask on Sunday

Choosing Our Verbiage Carefully When Discussing Differences

Four examples of poor verbiage regarding disagreements over the pandemic.

Spiritual Maturity Gives Latitude Not Judgment

You are not spiritually mature if you are obsessed with the sins and failures of others.

The Lord’s Supper is for Sinners

There is something special about a good meal. It’s not just eating, it’s enjoying time around a table with others and with quality food. A meal can be a special blessing, cementing cherished memories in our mind. But if this is true of normal earthly meals, how much more true is it that the Lord’s […]

Domestic Abuse and the Church

There are two major ways that the church can unintentionally provide a safe haven for abusers.

The Difference Between Gifts and Fruit

A successful ministry is not equivalent to a godly minister.