Next Week

nextweekBe sure to check back next week at Pastor Dave Online for these posts and more:

1. A Review of Divine Intervention by Mark Shaw

This is a really helpful resource for guiding families through how to relate to, help, and set boundaries with their addicted loved one.

2. Christmas Kitsch and the True Christmas Miracle

The holiday season often promises more than it can deliver, but Jesus gives us hope beyond the troubles of our world and beyond the kitsch of the season. Next week I’ll explore that in more detail.

3. Your Spouse Needs More than Truth

A few words about telling the truth within our marriages. Sometimes we can use truth more like a club to beat our spouses, we need to consider carefully, then, what it means to speak the truth and how to be discerning with its use.

4. Addiction and Emotions: Perfectionism 

The all-or-nothing tendency of some addicts can create real problems with substance abuse, or keep individuals stuck in cycles of substance abuse. Next week I’ll unpack that more.

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