This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Every week I compile a list of interesting articles collected from around the web. Here is this week’s list; check it out, there’s bound to be something of interest to you here:

1. “C.S. Lewis on How God Feels About Feelings” by Brad Hambrick

This is a great post reflecting on a wonderful quote from Lewis’ classic work Mere Christianity. Both Hambrick and Lewis discuss the reality that we do not always feel godly emotions. What do we do, then, when we don’t feel what we should? We seek to obey God anyways, trusting that God will grant the emotions if He so chooses. I commend this meditation to all Christians!

2. “Why Charismatics and Calvinists Need Each Other” by Adam Mabry

As I anticipate my study on Spiritual Gifts next year I was intrigued by this article. There’s much about it that I appreciate and love, as the author explores the help and encouragement that two seemingly opposing camps can provide to one another. I was rather shocked to see it presented as a dichotomy between emphases: Calvinist = Bible lover, and Charismatic = passionate about power of God. This seems more stereotype than reality and in that regard it is a rather disappointing article from TGC. In other ways, however, I am grateful that a platform like TGC shared an article like this, trying to bridge two camps.

3. “The 4 Types of Ineffective Apologies” by Andy Molinsky

A great piece looking at the ways in which we say “I am sorry,” without actually getting to the heart of an apology. Molinsky offers 4 common types of apologies that fail in repairing relationships, though technically it’s only three – the fourth is “denial,” which isn’t an apology at all. While written from within a business context this is still a good piece worth reading.

4. “Francis Schaeffer’s How Should We Then Live? – 40 Years Later!” by R. Albert Mohler

Mohler reflects on the significant 1976 book from Schaeffer, arguing that it foresaw the collision of worldviews that was to come, that has come. Schaeffer is an important theologian/apologist/evangelist and this book is one of his greatest works.

5. “Jigs for Marriage and Celibacy” by Wesley Hill

This is a fantastic essay by Hill on dying to self. Hill notes that dying to self is the calling of both married people and single people, and you can’t do that alone. He encourages the developments of habits, or “jigs,” that will cultivate this sort of mortification of the flesh. This is a beautiful piece and worthy of the time it takes to read it!

6. “A Body at Unity with Itself” by Anne Kennedy

This is a really thoughtful post responding to a popular video floating around social media. In the video a young person explains why they are neither male nor female, and offers an explanation for why the gender binary assertions of our culture are a fiction. Kennedy offers a better response, one that focuses on the uniting of our bodies with ourselves in Jesus.

7. “Why We’re Obsessed with the show This is Us” by Russell Moore

This is Us is great! Brilliant writing, great acting, and a compelling story. I feel like I cry nearly every single episode, and Dr. Moore’s reflection reveals that is in part because the show is about us. Check out the show on NBC and read Dr. Moore’s powerful review.

8. “Why Being a Woman in Seminary is Worth the Work” by Marybeth Baggett

My friend Marybeth has written a wonderful piece promoting the importance of female theological education. She emphasizes the need for more deep discipleship among Evangelical women, as well as the need for the church to support women in these theological/educational endeavors. I love this piece and could not agree more!

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