Studying Micah

I just spent several weeks preaching through the book of Micah. It has been a thoroughly challenging series for me. The book itself is somewhat difficult to read and interpret, so I though I would share some of the resources I used in my weekly preparations.


ESV Study Bible


The Holman Christian Standard Bible

The New Living Translation


The New Dictionary of Biblical Theology ed. by Brian Rosner, D.A. Carson, Graeme Goldsworthy, and T. Desmond Alexander

An Introduction to the Old Testament ed. by Tremper Longman III and Raymond Dillard

Interpreting the Prophetic Word by Willem Van Gemmeren

Micah by John Calvin

Micah by Dale Ralph Davis

A Commentary on Micah by Bruce Waltke

The Message of Micah by David Prior


The Glory of Plodding by Kevin DeYoung


The Message of Micah by Mark Dever

What Does Justification Have To Do With Justice by Tim Keller

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