A Review of “How Does Sanctification Work?” by David Powlison

This book reminds us that there is no simplistic formula for sanctification.

A Review of “Healing Developmental Trauma” by Heller and LaPierre

This book falls short of a comprehensive treatment plan for people precisely because it falls short of seeing people comprehensively.

Five Books on Biblical Counseling and Theology

My choices for the most significant works out today that provide the theological ground work of Biblical Counseling

A Review of “Are Miraculous Gifts for Today?” ed. by Wayne Grudem

This volume serves as a great introduction to a much debated subject by exposing the holes and insights of each system.

A Review of “Behind the Masks” by Wayne Oates

This is more a place-holder than a sufficient resource, but it’s a good place-holder.

A Review of “Trapped” by Andy Farmer

While this book has good content, its breadth limits it effectiveness.

A Review of “Showing the Spirit” by D.A. Carson

This is a tremendous guiding work both in theology and methodology

A Review of “Borderline Personality: A Scriptural Perspective” by Cathy Wiseman

Cathy Wiseman shows us that there is more help found in God’s Word for those suffering from BPD than the average counselor might have assumed

A Review of “The Vine Project” by Colin Marshall and Tony Payne

This is a unique and highly effective tool for evaluation and change in the local church.

Best Books of 2016

I read a lot of books last year, but here were my favorite new works of 2016