A Review of “In the Aftermath” by Pamela Gannon and Beverly Moore

While this book captures the theological truths well, it struggles to help readers bridge the gap from theology to life.

A Review of “Reformation Theology” ed. by Matthew Barrett

It’s not uncommon for histories of the Reformation period to focus on everything but theology. There’s an interest in the sociopolitical issues, the global and cultural contexts of the movement, and the personal biographies of the key players. There is value, to be sure, in each of these detailed components, but often there is disinterest […]

A Review of “Helping Your Family Through PTSD” by Greg Gifford

This book provides readers a concise introduction to the nature of trauma and the basics of trauma counseling.

A Review of “Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage” by Jim Newheiser

Readers will find, here, a perfect reference tool to guide them through this complex age in which we marry.

A Review of “Counseling Under the Cross” by Bob Kellemen

As this volume points out, Luther is actually a wonderful model of gospel-centered counseling.

Top Five Books on the Reformation

Five Books to check out if you want to study the Reformation in more detail

A Review of “Perspectives on Pentecost” by Richard Gaffin

I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed this book.

A Review of “Christ Alone” by Stephen Wellum

What this volume lacks in presentation it makes up for in content.

A Review of “The Soul of Shame” by Curt Thompson

This work presents readers with a theologically rich psychology of shame.

A Review of “God Is” by Mark Jones

If more devotionals were written like this one the church would be healthier.