A Review of “Eating Disorders” by Mark Shaw

This book can serve as a good introduction to an important aspect of fighting eating disorders, but more will be needed to flesh out an entire approach to the battle.

A Review of “The Unquenchable Flame” by Michael Reeves

For those looking for a popular and accessible work on the Reformation, but one that does not simplify the history itself, this is the book

A Review of “The End of Memory” by Miroslav Volf

The ethical implications of remembering rightly are unsettling, but such is the nature of following Jesus.

A Review of “Trauma & Grace” by Serene Jones

Despite being written by a liberal theologian, conservative theologians and counselors can find a great deal of insight and help in this book.

A Review of “A Small Book About A Big Problem” by Edward Welch

This book supplements larger works on anger by inviting the reader to do daily self-reflection.

A Review of “Feeling Unreal” by Daphne Simeon and Jeffrey Abugel

Biblical Counselors working with sufferers of depersonalization will do well to read this book, then, as a means to better understanding.

A Review of “Embodied Hope” by Kelly Kapic

I highly commend this book as an honest, hopeful, and practical meditation on suffering.

A Review of “Reset” by David Murray

This book provides excellent tools for both assessment and a treatment of burnout.

Best Books of 2017

My favorite books from 2017

A Review of “In the Aftermath” by Pamela Gannon and Beverly Moore

While this book captures the theological truths well, it struggles to help readers bridge the gap from theology to life.