A Review of “God’s Healing for Life’s Losses” by Robert Kellemen

The Christian faith gives us unparalleled resources for facing grief. Not every author is adept at identifying those resources and communicating them to the grieving, but Bob Kellemen is. In God’s Healing for Life’s Losses Bob identifies the therapeutic resources of the Christian faith wonderfully, but more than that he provides the grieving with a […]

A Review of “A Biblical Counseling Process” by Lauren Whitman

This book is like a mentor for new counselors

The Best Books of 2021

These were my favorite books published in 2021: (1) Making Sense of Forgiveness by Brad Hambrick We often take for granted that we rightly understand forgiveness because it is such a foundational concept to the Christian life. In this volume, however, Hambrick provides us with a more robust theology of forgiveness and a more wise […]

Books I Read in 2021

Here’s what I read in 2021!

A Review of “The Gospel for Disordered Lives” by Jones, Kellen, and Green

This is the most comprehensive introductory volume on Biblical Counseling.

A Review of “Consider Your Counsel” by Bob Kellemen

This is the type of evaluative tool that all counselors (new and veteran) need to read annually!

A Review of “Overcoming Bitterness” by Steve Viars

Steve Viars helps readers see the Bible’s robust understanding of the concept of bitterness.

A Review of “A Small Book About Why We Hide” by Ed Welch

This small devotional offers readers a roadmap to embracing acceptance in Christ

A Review of “Man of Sorrows, King of Glory” by Jonty Rhodes

This is what good devotionals should look like!

A Review of “Making Sense of Forgiveness” by Brad Hambrick

This is a book Evangelicals needed, even if we didn’t know we needed it.