A Review of “Can I Lose My Salvation?” by R.C. Sproul

This book serves as a quick-reference guide to navigating the important truths needed to do battle with doubt.

A Review of “Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God” by Gordon Fee

Here is a book that emphasizes both the theology of the Spirit and the experience of the Spirit in a helpful and challenging way.

A Review of “How Can I Be Sure I’m A Christian?” by Donald Whitney

This volume avoids the dichotomy of truth and life by giving readers an applied theology of assurance.

A Review of “Suffering and the Heart of God” by Diane Langberg

This collection of essays serves as an unparalleled manual for stepping into the hurt of others and pointing them to the hope of Christ.

A Review of “Putting Your Past in Its Place” by Stephen Viars

This is the best book on confronting our past available today.

A Review of “How Does Sanctification Work?” by David Powlison

This book reminds us that there is no simplistic formula for sanctification.

A Review of “Healing Developmental Trauma” by Heller and LaPierre

This book falls short of a comprehensive treatment plan for people precisely because it falls short of seeing people comprehensively.

Five Books on Biblical Counseling and Theology

My choices for the most significant works out today that provide the theological ground work of Biblical Counseling

A Review of “Are Miraculous Gifts for Today?” ed. by Wayne Grudem

This volume serves as a great introduction to a much debated subject by exposing the holes and insights of each system.

A Review of “Behind the Masks” by Wayne Oates

This is more a place-holder than a sufficient resource, but it’s a good place-holder.