A Review of “Perspectives on Spirit Baptism” ed. by Chad Owen Brand

This volume lacks the one thing that makes these counterpoint series worthwhile: meaningful debate on the details.

A Review of “Baptism in the Holy Spirit” by James D.G. Dunn

This is an important book that will sharpen even a Charismatic/Pentecostal theology by forcing readers to wrestle earnestly with the details of the text of Scripture.

A Review of “Rewriting Your Broken Story” by Kenneth Boa

Redundancy hampers the development of this, otherwise good, book.

A Review of “Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit” by Christopher Wright

The beauty of this book is its expression of spiritual health as navigating will-power and responsibility.

A Review of “Strange Fire” by John MacArthur

Strange Fire fails as a critique because it allows strong prejudice to color meaningful apologetics.

A Review of “Rediscovering the Holy Spirit” by Michael Horton

This book will help to expand your vision of the Spirit’s work.

Best Books of 2017…So Far

Here is a list of my top five favorite books I’ve read this year…so far.

A Review of “The Holy Spirit” by Sinclair Ferguson

This book is the ideal combination of theological scholarship and readable study.

A Review of “The Holy Spirit” by Christopher Holmes

Despite being a fantastic volume in dogmatics, The Holy Spirit leaves many issues related to this doctrine unaddressed.

A Review of “He Who Gives Life” by Graham Cole

This work is a great introduction to the doctrine of the Holy Spirit because it focuses on saying nothing more nor less than Scripture says.