A Review of “Making Sense of Forgiveness” by Brad Hambrick

This is a book Evangelicals needed, even if we didn’t know we needed it.

A Review of “Healing from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” by David Keuler

This book is more Eastern Philosophy than therapeutic resource.

A Review of “Ego Trip” by Glynn Harrison

This book is a hidden gem that I hope many will read.

A Review of “Redeeming Power” by Diane Langberg

If anyone is equipped to speak to the issues of abuse in the church it is Christian psychologist Diane Langberg. Recognized as a leading authority in the field of abuse and trauma counseling, Langberg has written and taught extensively on the subjects all over the world. She is also, however, a devout follower of Jesus […]

A Review of “Beyond Authority and Submission” by Rachel Green Miller

Rachel Green Miller believes that “authority and submission have become the lens through which all of women’s and men’s interactions are viewed” (14). In Beyond Authority and Submission she has identified serious problems within this focus, namely the ways in which it undervalues women and distorts Biblical teaching. Despite what critics have said, I don’t […]

A Review of “A Theology of James” by Christopher Morgan

Morgan has written a lucid and insightful exploration of James’ theology.

A Review of “Messy Grace” by Caleb Kaltenbach

Caleb Kaltenbach models love without compromise for us.

A Review of “A People to Be Loved” by Preston Sprinkle

While this book doesn’t offer anything new in content, it does offer something fresh in perspective.

A Review of “The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self” by Carl Trueman

This book provides the church with a robust explanation of the sexual revolution as a symptom of a deeper issue.

A Review of “Telling a Better Story” by Joshua Chatraw

This book provides us with an apologetic method perfectly fit for our age.