A Review of “Counsel for Couples” by Jonathan Holmes

This may be the most important book on marriage counseling that the Biblical Counseling community has yet produced!

A Review of “Untangling Emotions” by Alasdair Groves and Winston Smith

Alasdair Groves and Winston Smith have written an easy read with unparalleled depth and clarity on the emotions.

A Review of “Unstuck” by Tim Lane

Tim Lane has written an excellent guide for the average Christian wanting to change and grow.

A Review of ESV Scripture Journal

This new format for a Bible journal is a great improvement with loads of potential for enhancing Bible study.

A Review of “Cutting: A Healing Response” by Jeremy Lelek

This book’s use of narrative is helpful in clarifying the counseling process, but it doesn’t give enough information on the actual problem itself.

A Review of “God’s Forever Family” by Larry Eskridge

This is a well-written history of a frequently ignored and yet important religious movement within American history

A Review of “Freedom from Self-Harm” by Kim Gratz and Alexander Chapman

Freedom from Self-Harm is a valuable for its dismantling of the common myths surrounding self-harm.

A Review of “Can Christianity Cure Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?” by Ian Osborn

A fascinating look at how trusting God can actually help those who suffer from OCD.

A Review of “Think Again” by Jared Mellinger

This short book is a useful tool for analyzing the problem and pointing to the solution of unhealthy introspection.

Best Books of 2018

Here are my top five favorite books of the year.