A Review of “Disruptive Witness” by Alan Noble

An important tool for assessing our current cultural context and evaluating the church’s witness in it.

A Review of “She’s Got The Wrong Guy” by Deepak Reju

This is a different kind of dating book, but one that all single women should read.

A Review of “Mental Health and the Church” by Stephen Grcevich

More than just a ministry handbook for the inclusion of those with mental illnesses, this book is a call to compassionate ministry.

Best Book of 2018…So Far!

Here are my favorite reads of 2018…so far

A Review of “Holding Hands; Holding Hearts” by Richard & Sharon Phillips

This book’s ability to balance what the Bible does and doesn’t say about dating makes it a worthy read on the subject.

Summer Reading List 2018

My anticipated summer reading list

A Review of “The Morals of the Story” by David and Marybeth Baggett

A great reminder of what philosophical writing can be like.

A Review of “Biblical Counseling Basics” by Jeremy Lelek

This is the primer for the next stage of Biblical counseling

A Review of “The Gospel Comes with a House Key” by Rosaria Butterfield

This powerful vision of radical hospitality is worthy of your time.

A Review of “8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder” by Carolyn Costing and Gwen Schubert Grabb

The practical tools in this book will give Biblical counselors a more robust framework for helping those who suffer from an eating disorder.