A Review of “Loving Your Community” by Stephen Viars

Steve Viars reminds us that we don’t have to choose between robust theology and community outreach.

Books I Read in 2019

An annotated look at the books I read this year.

A Review of “Anxiety: Knowing God’s Peace” by Paul Tautges

This book exposits Scripture and applies theology well to one of life’s most common and distressing struggles.

A Review of “Contentment” by Megan Hill

This is a theologically rich devotional with loads of practical help.

Review “The Intentional Christian Community Handbook” by David Janzen

Despite its narrow focus, this book has a lot to teach us about general Christian community.

Best Books of the Year…So Far (2019)

I generally read close to 50 books a year, but this year has been different. As 2018 ended I was personally struggling. I was stressed, burnt-out, and mentally exhausted. At that time I was encouraged by a wise older friend to slow down, take a break, and pick up a completely different hobby. I followed […]

A Review of “Counsel for Couples” by Jonathan Holmes

This may be the most important book on marriage counseling that the Biblical Counseling community has yet produced!

A Review of “Untangling Emotions” by Alasdair Groves and Winston Smith

Alasdair Groves and Winston Smith have written an easy read with unparalleled depth and clarity on the emotions.

A Review of “Unstuck” by Tim Lane

Tim Lane has written an excellent guide for the average Christian wanting to change and grow.

A Review of ESV Scripture Journal

This new format for a Bible journal is a great improvement with loads of potential for enhancing Bible study.