A Review of “Martin Luther’s 95 Theses” by Timothy Wengert

In many ways this book grants access to Luther’s world and work in order to help us actually understand and appreciate it.

A Review of “The Sermon on the Mount and Human Flourishing” by Jonathan Pennington

In a time when questions about human flourishing, social justice, and godly living are constantly being debated, this book helps us to connect the dots between ethics, theology, Scripture, and the gospel, like few others.

A Review of “Disciplines of the Holy Spirit” by Tan & Gregg

This was a good book in need of further development.

Non-Counseling Books that Biblical Counselors Should Read

Ten non-counseling books that Biblical counselors should read to help improve their counseling.

A Review of “Luther: Man Between God and the Devil” by Heiko Oberma

This is an essential read for those who truly want to understand the real man Luther.

Guest Post: Bob Kellemen on Grief

Counselor Dr. Bob Kellemen shares about this new counseling book on grief.

A Review of “Disruptive Witness” by Alan Noble

An important tool for assessing our current cultural context and evaluating the church’s witness in it.

A Review of “She’s Got The Wrong Guy” by Deepak Reju

This is a different kind of dating book, but one that all single women should read.

A Review of “Mental Health and the Church” by Stephen Grcevich

More than just a ministry handbook for the inclusion of those with mental illnesses, this book is a call to compassionate ministry.

Best Book of 2018…So Far!

Here are my favorite reads of 2018…so far