The Best Books of 2021

These were my favorite books published in 2021:

(1) Making Sense of Forgiveness by Brad Hambrick

We often take for granted that we rightly understand forgiveness because it is such a foundational concept to the Christian life. In this volume, however, Hambrick provides us with a more robust theology of forgiveness and a more wise application of it to real life situations. Because of its clarity and usefulness, and because it addresses such a core concept to the Christian faith, this book was my winner for best book of the year.

(2) Consider Your Counsel: Ten Common Mistakes Counselors Make by Bob Kellemen

Bob provides us with a master class in counseling methodology basics. The book is like having Bob as a mentor to guide your practice in counseling. It is a must-read for all counselors, new and seasoned.

(3) Man of Sorrows, King of Glory: What the Humiliation and Exaltation of Jesus Mean for Us by Jonty Rhodes

This is a wonderful look at the humiliation and exaltation of Jesus and their ongoing relevance for our lives of faith. Rhodes gives us a model of what devotional theological work should look like in this easy and yet robust theological study.

(4) A Smal Book on Why We Hide: How Jesus Rescues Us from Insecurity, Regret, Failure, and Shame by Edward T. Welch

Ed Welch is consistently one of the sharpest counseling writers I read, and in this devotional he provides a Biblically-grounded guide for navigating the common struggles of insecurity, regret, failure, and shame. He gives theological truths and practical steps in bite-size formats. This is not just a great tool for counseling, but a rich resource for personal growth. 

(5) A Biblical Counseling Process: Guidance of the Beginning, Middle, and End by Lauren Whitman

This is a great little book that gives the best overview of the counseling process I have read. Whitman provides not just tips, but a framework for thinking about our role as counselors in these three general stages of counseling. I have already begun to think about how I am going to use this in training because it is such a valuable and unique resource.

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