Freedom Reigns

Romans 16:20 is an amazingly encouraging passage. It can build confidence in the believer, it can fight against temptation, it can renew commitment to the obedience of faith. The content and the concept behind this passage is essential for faithful Christian living.

As Paul wraps up his letter he leaves the Roman Christians, those under serious scrutiny and threat to their lives, with a strong word of encouragement. Here’s what he says:

20 The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. (Romans 16:20)

Paul knows the predicament that the church at Rome finds itself in. He knows that they, like all Christians, are facing suffering. But he reminds them earlier in the book that the sufferings of this world are not worth comparing to the weight of glory that is to come when we see Jesus (Romans 8:18). Here, he aims to remind them what Jesus has done and will do to their great foe, Satan. Jesus is the serpent crusher of Genesis 3:15-16. Jesus in His death and resurrection dealt the snake a deadly blow and one day He WILL crush Him!

There is freedom in Christ. Freedom from sin, freedom from temptation, freedom from constant backsliding and failure, freedom from sorrow and suffering. There is freedom from addiction, freedom from selfishness, freedom from emptiness. There is freedom from eternal death, freedom from damnation, and freedom from hell. Because Jesus reigns, freedom reigns.

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