Best of 2014: Music


My favorite albums of the year!

Hands & Feet: Reflections on Love for the Poor in Worship Music


I love this new trend to mention God’s love for the poor in our worship music

Best of 2013: Music


Here are my top five favorite new albums of 2013

Praise for Neo-Hymnody


Old hymns set to new music are powerful calls to worship

Music You Should Know: The Caleb Hickerson Band


Good music is hard to find, thankfully there’s The Caleb Hickerson Band

Best of 2012: Music


My top five picks for best albums of 2012

Snow by Sleeping At Last

sleeping at last xmas

A song that seems relevant to my life these days

The Banal Adventure: Reflections on “Life” in the Music of Andrew Peterson


The banal adventure is better!

For the Love of Mumford: Reflections on Love in the Music of Mumford & Sons


Mumford & Sons sings more honestly about the ideal and reality of love than most other popular musicians today

MxPx and Philosophy: Invitation to Understanding


This post is an invitation to understanding and to MxPx