This Week’s Good Music

Here’s this week’s playlist:

1. “Sick and You’re Wrong” by Ninety Pound Wuss

This song is a reminder that Jeff Suffering has been speaking out against abusive leaders long before he served with Mark Driscoll. Ninety Pound Wuss was one of the most influential straight edge punk bands in the Northern West Coast. This was a song off their sophomore release, Where Meager Die of Self-Interest, which kept their punk influences but evidenced real maturation for the band.

2. “Fictionary” by The Blamed

The Blamed were one of the fist hardcore punk bands to get signed to Tooth & Nail Records. This song is part of their last album and represents their fusion of hardcore, punk, and emo sounds. The song, as is typical of the band, contains bold lyrics about faith.

3. “Singing in the Victory” by Austin Stone Worship

A beautiful worship song by one of my favorite worship bands. The song starts with a reference to Philippians 4:5-7, while the chorus boasts of victory in the cross.

4. “It Aint Me Babe” by Bob Dylan

This song has been performed by several different artists over the years, including Johnny Cash and the Turtles. The song was part of a new stage in Dylan’s songwriting, exploring greater use of language and an emphasis on the human experience. The song is a contrast to the usual love song, in that in this one the singer realizes he is not capable of being the hero. It’s a song about leaving a girl.

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