This Week’s Good Music

Here’s this week’s playlist:

1. “Gone Fishing. See You In A Year” by Gwen Stacy

I have often found this band less interesting than their comic book namesake, but this song is fairly decent. A hardcore song about taking a step of faith. The song has some interesting lyrics and a great interplay between chugging power chords and clean melodic riffs. It is probably the only good song on what is an otherwise weak album.

2. “No Substitute” by The Altar Boys

After nearly a 25 year hiatus, the original Christian punk rockers are back with probably their best album ever. This song is the title track of the new album and it is a proud declaration of the unique and solitary hope found in Christ alone, there is no alternative (or substitute). No video is yet available for this track, but check it out on Spotify.

3. “The Dead Rejoice” by Stavesacre

Another nostalgic trip comes with this album. It released last year and was the band’s first release since 2006. This song in particular is a musical memoir, describing frontman Mark Salmon’s conversion. Playing on the ideas of of spiritual death and life and on dying to self, he sings of a deadman rejoicing in that life that comes through death.

4. “Used To” by Mutemath

Soulful and punchy, this is a great pop rock song, and Mutemath frontman Paul Meany sings it perfectly. The song highlights the sadness of leaving a place that you aren’t ready to give up. It’s a great song by a respected group. Coming out of the collapse of Christian group Earthsuit, Mutemath has made a name for themselves as a legitimate band in the music scene. They aren’ just a niche Christian music group, but have toured with big name bands and artists (Matchbox 20, Alanis Morissette, and others). They often have Christian themes in their lyrics, but don’t call them a Christian band – they don’t like that label.

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