This Week’s Good Music

Here’s my playlist from this past week:

1. “Charismata” by Too Bad Eugene

There was a period in the west coast Christian music scene (late 90s) when a number of bands were coming into Reformed theology. As Andy Snyder and Adam Nigh developed their theology they broke off from their band Craig’s Brother to form this pop-punk theological group. Their album Moonlighting┬áis full of theological references, and this song is just one example. The song is a pop-punk response to the extremes of the Charismatic Movement, and the singer’s fear that he might not be saved because he doesn’t speak in tongues. The song concludes with a resolute response to seek what God wants and not be robbed of joy by those who teach a false doctrine of tongues. Not your average pop-punk song.

2. “Defender” by King’s Kaleidoscope

An epic worship song from an awesome indie rock band. “Who is a rock but our God?” A great song calling us to trust in our great Defender and Savior.

3. “Game On” by Disciple

In prepping my list of favorite Christian metal songs I stumbled on this song again, and was reminded of what a great build up it has. It comes on strong and maintains its intensity. Disciple has been around since the early 90s and is still going. This song comes from their 2006 album Scars Remain, which garnered the band a Dove Award for best rock album.

4. “What You’ve Done to Me” by Needtobreathe

I loved this whole album from Needtobreathe.

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