The Curse of Getting What You Want

Getting what you want is a curse, unless what you want is Christ!

Jesus’ Battle in the Wilderness for Our Good (Part 3)

The theology of the cross always wins over the theology of glory.

Jesus’ Battle in the Wilderness for Our Good (Part 2)

Because of Christ you too can resist the devil!

Jesus’ Battle in the Wilderness for Our Good (Part 1)

Jesus empowers us to fight temptation with faith, because that’s just what He did on our behalf. 

Worth is About Connections

Worth is about connections, all connections, but only our connection to Jesus can fully sustain that sense of worth.

Focus on Christ, Not on Christlikeness

As we seek to grow we need to focus not on our behavior but on our savior.

The Cup is Empty

The cup is empty, cling to this truth, friends, and find that you produce much fruit as you grow in your knowledge of, and love for, the gospel.

Peter Was Always Meant to Sink

Peter was always meant to sink, because only Jesus walks on water.

Boasting in Christ: Conclusion

Wrapping up this study on 1 Corinthians 1:30 by looking at its main point within the larger context of the whole letter.

Boasting in Christ: Christ is Our Redemption

When we fully understand Christ as our Redemption then we are brought to humble joy.