Boasting in Christ: Christ is Our Sanctification

I have no hope of growing in godliness apart from Christ’s ongoing work in my life

Boasting in Christ: Christ is Our Righteousness

Without the righteousness of Christ no one will see God.

Boasting in Christ: Christ is our Wisdom

We can never know truth apart from Christ who is truth.

Boasting in Christ: Christ Is Our Life

We have no life apart from Christ

Boasting in Christ: Introduction

Introducing a new series that aims to help us shift our boasting from self to Christ

The Humanity of Jesus: His Resurrection and Reign

Christ’s resurrection and reign are more deeply connected to his humanity then many Christians realize; knowing this can empower our own Christian life.

The Humanity of Jesus: Dying in Our Place

To save us the Christ must be like us…and yet not like us.

The Humanity of Jesus: Living As A Man

Does Jesus’s gender matter?

The Humanity of Jesus: Resisting Temptation

How can it be that Jesus was not able to sin and yet his temptation to sin was legitimate?

The Humanity of Jesus: Growing in Faith

Jesus’s obedience was not easy nor automatic, that should shape how we think about our own obedience.