The Humanity of Jesus: Increasing in Wisdom

How can God get smarter?!

The Humanity of Jesus: Empowered by the Spirit

Jesus’s empowerment by the Spirit means we can follow in His footsteps because we have access to that same Spirit

The Humanity of Jesus: Why Does It Matter?

Christians believe strongly in the divinity of Jesus, but we have neglected the study of his humanity

Jesus: The Fulfillment of the Prophets

Read the prophets and see Jesus.

Read Slower: A Review of “Loving The Way Jesus Loves” by Phil Ryken

Phil Ryken gives a careful and slow reading of the “love chapter” that captures 1 Corinthians 13 in ways I hadn’t taken the time to notice before.

Son of Man and Suffering Servant: King Jesus in the Gospel of Mark

For Jesus the glory of His Kingship comes through the agony of His Cross.

Better than Wonderbread: Jesus Feeds Five Thousand

This is NOT a story about sharing!

Cutting and Covenant: A Christological Look At The Abrahamic Covenant

God makes the commitment, God takes the risk, and when we screw up God takes the wrath!

Exodus: Fulfilled in Christ

Exodus is really fullfilled in Jesus.

The Doctrine of Revelation: The Storlyine of Scripture (Part 20)

The coming Kingdom of God is a running theme throughout the storyline of Scripture and its coming has huge personal significance.