A Theology for Hipsters (Part 12): Rebelling Against Fundamentalism (Part 2)

Today’s brand of Fundamentalism has continued to maintain the name, but has diverged from the spirit of older Fundamentalism. With the increasing cultural shift Fundamentalism has moved away from the fundamentals itself and into a brand of legalism. It was this culture that many Christian Hipsters grew up in. It was a culture that bemoaned the horrors of rock n’ roll, blue jeans, and Harry Potter (you know because Harry worships Satan…or so we’re told)[1]. It was this culture that made issues like Bible translations, clothing and hair style, and alcohol consumption grounds for breaking fellowship. What many a young, would-be hipster experienced as adolescents was the belittling of other Christians and non-Christians based on looks, interests, and other things which do not directly or innately reflect sinfulness. Christian Fundamentalism became less about the Fundamentals and more about suits and ties, King James Bibles, and boycotting. So you might be a Fundamentalist if:

You love: The King James Bible; Neck Ties (for men only); denim jumpers (for women only); boycotts; rededicating your life weekly; Christian hand puppets; homeschooling; your denomination (or lack thereof)

You hate (note that to be a true Fundy your hate list must be longer than your love list): Any translation of the Bible that is not King James; blue jeans; Harry Potter; alcohol; restaurants that serve alcohol; card games; dancing (which always leads to fornication and card games); R rated movies (except for The Passion of the Christ…maybe); tattoos; smoking (unless you’re in the south and you own a tobacco farm…or your deacons do); drinking; people who say Happy Holidays or Merry Xmas; food or drink in the “sanctuary;” anyone who refuses to call it the “sanctuary;” long hair and sandals (basically all hippies); Halloween; backwards hats; hats in the “sanctuary;” art (except for Thomas Kinkade); rock n’ roll; sermons about sex (unless it’s about the dangers of); fantasy stories (except The Chronicles of Narnia and sometimes Lord of the Rings…though that’s debatable); and other denominations (or denominations in general).

Our  list could go on indefinitely, and it’s written with a bit of tongue-in-cheek (but only a bit). The point, however, is clear enough: what consume Fundamentalists in the modern era is not the Fundamentals, but the teachings of men. They have become, in fact, so reactionary to the world that they’ve actually displaced, in many cases, the Word they were seeking to defend. Out of this milieu would come the Christian Hipster, and his reaction to Fundamentalism would be hard.

[1] For the record I’ve read and loved all the Harry Potter novels. In fact I agree with my friend Rich Clark when he explains why Harry is one of the more powerful Christ-figures in modern fiction…but don’t tell him I said that.


  1. hahaha nice!

    i was expecting the hipster video lol buuuut i guess not.
    have you read this article yet?? lol

    Christian Hipsters (video) http://bit.ly/qtCRRH

  2. That is a hilarious video

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