Doing Things Different

Doing church different is just so hard for some folks to accept. There seems to be a mindset for some that the only proper way to do church is as they have done it for the last 50-60 years. As I have begun getting adjusted to the way ministry is done at Christ’s Community Church I have been surprised at not only how different it is from other church services I have attended but how well these differences are received by the people who attend there. They love their church and enjoy their worship services. But as I have mentioned to friends and family about these differences some have questioned whether or not this is a conservative church. After all can you really be conservative if you wear a t-shirt to church on Sunday mornings, or if they have a drum set, or if the preacher doesn’t wear shoes on stage?

The answer of cousre is yes! We believe the Bible, beleive in Jesus as the only savior and the Son of God, we believe in Salvation by grace through faith. The difference in style is important though, I believe, because it is bringing these truths to a people who live in contemporary culture, not in the age of the 1950s.  I am more convinced than ever that style is not neutral, nor irrelevant, and in fact is a very important means of communication. Without altering our content we must alter our presentation of that content so that is clear and attractive. God bless us and keep us as we seek to do just that.

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