On Mocking Your Idols

Mockery is a great tool for fighting our own idols.

Worship As Confession with Conviction

We sing our theology not simply because it is true doctrine, but because in singing true doctrine we believe it more deeply.

Marveling at the Feet of God

The three different levels of encountering God’s presence at Mt. Sinai can help us to appreciate our own experience of God’s presence in Christ today

Singing the Language of the Kingdom

Worship cultivates a desire for the Kingdom of God

The Worship of the One Lord: Reflections on Deuteronomy 6:4-6

Love the Lord Your God with Your Whole Being, you were made for that!

Idol Factory: Family

Love your family, but worship Jesus!

Idol Factory: Comfort

Christ is far more interested in your holiness than your happiness

Idol Factory: Money and Posessions

Greed is the most accetable idolatry in our culture, but Jesus doesn’t tolerate it.

Idol Factory: Power

The pursuit of power can make us act crazy, hurt others, and lose hope for the future

Idol Factory: Recognition

Understanding God’s acceptance of us can be a powerful tool in the fight against the idol of recognition