Idol Factory: Sex

The worship of sex will always leave us empty

Idol Factory: Self

To deal with all the idols in our hearts we must first address our worship of ourselves

A Theology for Hipsters (Part 33): Keeping the Fundamentals (Part 12)

Progressiveness in the open hand is important for effective ministry

Hipster Hymnal (Part 24)

Does the Hipster Hymnal have any bad songs…the answer you’re looking for is no!

God of This City

I came across a worship song the other day that I had never heard of, which isn’t uncommon (I am not up to speed on most praise and worship music these days). But this particular song so struck me that I began to weep and became so excited about the words I was hearing, because, […]

Doing Things Different

Doing church different is just so hard for some folks to accept. There seems to be a mindset for some that the only proper way to do church is as they have done it for the last 50-60 years. As I have begun getting adjusted to the way ministry is done at Christ’s Community Church […]