2023 Study Project

It’s that time of year where I begin to plan for my annual study project. Every year I pick one subject that I will spend 12 months studying. I have a rotation of categories that I try to work through with some regularity: Biblical, Doctrinal, Historical, and Practical. The twelve month plan allows me time to focus my study and pour into something (though I never feel I get enough done). As usual, I’ve come to you all for help in narrowing my focus for next year.

Here are the topics I am considering for a 12 month study next year:

  1. Francis Schaeffer –> I am probably due for a historical exploration and Schaeffer is an individual who fascinates me. He is not without some controversy, to be sure, but he was a man who had a missional bent before it was cool and had an eye towards cultural engagement before it was popular. I am certain that there is a lot to learn from his concern for the lost and his perceptive interaction with culture.
  2. Leadership –> As I look ahead to what God might have for me in the future I see a need to improve my leadership skills. This requires some greater learning about philosophies of leadership, Biblical leadership specifics, and overall practices of good leaders.
  3. Deconstructionism –> Someone recently pitched an idea to me: write on deconstructing deconstructionism. It’s very popular right now for people to share their deconversion stories and to “deconstruct” Evangelicalism. The proposal was that I explore deconstructionism with a bent to giving guidance to those who want to care for others who are “losing their faith.” It’s an interesting idea and has merit, but it’s not a subject I know a ton about. So, developing more than a popular level awareness will require study.
  4. Soren Kierkegaard –> I am fascinated by the Danish philosopher and his approach to faith. But wading through Kierkegaard’s writings is no small task and requires lots of study of the man, of his style and prose, and requires reading more expert interpretations. So, 12 months could allow me more time to dive into that subject. I believe Kierkegaard has some real relevance for the modern church and I’d love to explore that more.
  5. Identity in Christ —> Here’s a subject I have already been exploring. In the Spring I taught a 10 week course on the subject and was fascinated by diving deeper into this almost cliche Christian topic. I’ve also done some writing on it recently for several other outlets and found that there is a lot here to explore. It’s probably the most compelling topic but it’s also closest to more recent categories of study and my desire to be diverse in my knowledge means I should probably pick something more in the historical realm this year.
  6. History of Christian Rock –> If you know anything at all about me you know that I am generally obsessed with music, and I particularly love Christian alternative rock. I’d be very fascinated, then, to explore the history of Christian rock from its roots in Jesus Movements up and into the present day. I think this would be a valuable exploration in the influence of Christianity on culture and the unfortunate influence of culture on Christianity as well. 

What do you think I should study? What would you recommend? Share your thoughts here on the blog, or message me and tell me what you think.


  1. #5 I am intrigued by this and still comprehend it. But it sounds like you want to do history then #6

    1. #5 I am intrigued by this and still
      can’t comprehend it. But it sounds like you want to do history then #6

    2. #3 deconstructionism
      Alisa Childers wrote fantastic books on this because she herself struggled with progressive christianity (I think it’s the same thing as you’re talking about, but not sure.) This would help a lot of people struggling with this movement

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