Monthly Love: September

Here’s what I loved in the month of September:

1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Having already seen it in theaters and enjoyed every minute of cheesy dinosaur fun, I was excited to watch it again when it released this month. The movie is, I know, full of plot holes and absurdity, but its dinosaurs and I just can’t help how much I love it.

2. Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry

This was a surprisingly beautiful autobiography. The prose is brilliantly crafted and the story is so compelling. I loved this book and cannot recommend it enough.

3. No Substitute by The Altar Boys

After nearly 25 years one of the greatest Christian punk band has released a new album! It’s probably their best to date with a mature and tight sound and the same bold, passionate, and rich Christian lyrics.

4. Watching Darkwing Duck with my son

The day my son actually asked to watch this 90s cartoon with me was the day I knew I’d successfully cultured him! This was, hands down, my favorite cartoon as a kid and sharing it with my little buddy has just added to my enjoyment of it.

5. Seeing My Book in Print

It’s been crazy to see my book in print. I am immensely grateful for the support of my wife, pastor, fellow staff at CBC, and so many family and friends. I am grateful especially for P&R taking a risk on an unknown author. I am excited to see how this book will be used, and praying that the Lord may bless it to help many.

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