Top Ten in Christian Music: Blues

The blues has always been inherently religious, arising, as it did, out of the spirituals and work songs of African-Americans in the Deep South. The form and structure of blues music has come to undergird much of modern rock music and listeners can hear it at the root level of many sounds from diverse artists.

There are many bands and musicians, then, that have focused on blues within their rock music. I will focus in my list on my personal favorite songs, drawing from worship bands, rock bands, and folk/country artists who emphasized blues roots in their songs. While these may not be the best representations of Christian blues music, they are my personal favorites.

Here are my favorite Christian Blues songs:

1. “Save Me from Myself” by The Glen Kaiser Band

A cry for God to save us from our own foolishness and destruction, with an awesome intro riff.

2. “Death Has Lost Its Sting” by Sojourn Music

17th century hymn set to contemporary blues music means smokey worship!

3. “Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah” by David Potter

This 18th century Welsh hymn sounds more like a African Spiritual in the hands of David Potter, with simple blues beat and rhythm.

4. “Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus” by Larry Norman

Vintage blues with edgy and evangelistic lyrics from the father of Christian rock.

5. “Come to the Feast” by Sandra McCracken

The lavish banquet of God’s grace described in mellow bluesy tones.

6. “Gotta Serve Somebody” by Bob Dylan

Grammy-Award-Winning blues hit from Dylan’s “gospel period.”

7. “Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music” by Larry Norman

The apologetic for Christian rock, but at its core this is a blues rock song.

8. “Redemption” by Johnny Cash

This is one of Cash’s best hist from his own “gospel period,” and this country blues hit narrates the story of the gospel and one man’s acceptance of it.

9. “Where Roses Grow” by Resurrection Band

This concert favorite of Rez Band gives a bold bluesy take on the hope of heaven overcoming the despair of life.

10. “Never Been to Seminary” by Darrell Mansfield

True blues with a great harmonica. When you can’t go to school you can always go to Calvary.

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