This Week’s Good Reads

Here’s a collection of interesting articles from around the web:

1. “Regular Cannabis Use Linked to Impaired Capacity to Envision One’s Future” by Eric Dolan

Episodic foresight is impaired by long-term use. In reality we are still discovering the impact of long-term marijuana use. This is one more reason to be extremely cautious.

2. “Why Conventional Marriage Wisdom is Wrong” by John Gottman

Gottman exposes 5 common marriage myths in this article.

3. “Is Addiction Really a Biological Disease?” by Adi Jaffe

Jaffe notes the complexity of people and problems in this article and urges researchers, counselors, and friends to stop looking for simple explanations of addiction. Treatment will necessarily be more complex than reducing addiction to biology. In the introduction to my forthcoming book I talk about the disease model of addiction and its limitations.

4. “Popular Theory Says Thanos Changed all Reality in Avengers Infinity War” by Emmanuel “E-Man” Noisette

SPOILER ALERT! This fan theory gives a pretty compelling and exciting explanation of what exactly happened at the end of Avengers Infinity War!

5. “If God is with Me, Why Did This Happen” by Vaneetha Rendall Risner

A beautiful reflection on the relationship between God’s love and our suffering, and a challenge to reframe our doubts towards faith in the God who uses trials for our good.

6. “5 Things to Consider When Confronting a Friend” by Ed Welch

Such simple, clear, and gracious thoughts on basic elements of confrontation.

7. “Pastors & Suicide: What Pastors and Congregations Need to Know” by Kevin Carson

Pastors struggle with depression too, and in light of one pastor’s recent suicide it is important to remember to reach out for help before it is too late.

8. “What is Emotional Intelligence?” by Tim Lane

Biblical Counselor Tim Lane explains the idea of EQ and connects it to the Biblical concept of wisdom.

9. “Author Interview with David Dunham” by P&R Publishing

As part of the promotion of my new book (releasing Sept. 28th), P&R did an author interview with me.

10. “Can Someone Be Spiritually Healthy and Still Experience Mental Health Challenges?” by Brad Hambrick

An important article. In short the answer is “yes,” but the way that Brad helps us to understand that answer is so important!

11. “9 Reasons Some Churches Will Not Reach College Students” by Chuck Lawless

Dr. Lawless speaks to some intentional pieces churches need to have if they are going to reach college students. The types of strategic pieces might surprise you.

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