This Week’s Good Music

Here’s this week’s playlist:

1. “Goodbye” by Plankeye

After Scott Silletta left the band it was never the same. Relocation, from which this song comes, is simply not that good. With only two original members remaining, Plankeye tried to keep things a float for two more albums, but it was a bust. All, that is, except for this song which is utterly brilliant. It is a beautifully crafted song, full of passion, poetry, and sadness.

2. “Life of Leaving Home” (Acoustic) by Yellowcard

The acoustic version of this song is better than the pop-punk version. Yellowcard was a fascinating band. Ryan Key has amazing vocals, and the use of violin throughout their songs was added a unique feature to their sound. The acoustic version of this song is more melodic and more melancholy, but with some real brightness to it.

3. “For Always” (Acoustic) by MxPx

I must have been in a more melancholy mood this week. Mike Herrera takes this classic MxPx song in a different direction with the acoustic version. I really loved both the clean sound of the acoustic and Mike’s voice. This is a great song with some great lyrics too: If we help each other out along the way, maybe then everything will be okay.

4. “Stein’s Theme” by Project 86

Drawing Black Lines was, in my opinion, Project 86’s best album. The Christian nu-metal band has been Andrew Schwab’s passion for decades. Schwab continues to keep the dream alive and it is his poetic and introspective lyrics that make things work. “Stein’s Theme” is a heavy hitting song, but I am still not sure what its lyrical content is addressing.

5. “Head to Heart” by United Pursuit

I feel like this song sounds similar to other songs by United Pursuit, and yet the lyrics to the bridge are so compelling I can’t help but love it: There’s no shame in looking like a fool, when I give you what I can’t keep to take a hold of you.

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