An Update on My Book

Since last year I have been working on a counseling tool to help both those struggling with addictive habits and those who would seek to be helpful. That resource has been turned into a 31 Day Devotional by P&R publishers and is part of a series of 31 Day Devotionals covering a variety of counseling topics: pornography, contentment, adultery, doubt, and grief. The project has come along nicely and is nearing the finishing the line.

My role in the book is now complete. I’ve made my final edits, turned in my last notes, and approved the formatting and back cover layout. I have not yet seen the front cover design, but all other aspects of the book are complete.

It has been a great experience working with the team at P&R. They have been both gracious and patient with me. They have also been great about regular communication and keeping me up to date on where the project stands. It has been an absolute joy to work with them.

The book is slated for release at the end of September – Sept. 28th to be exact. It is available for pre-order now, and P&R have given the following description:

Addiction is a blend of choice and enslavement—but change is possible through God and his Word. These daily devotionals remind us of God’s truth and help us apply it to our lives, addressing our responsibility for addiction, our relationship with the God who can free us, and techniques for first restructuring our lives and then remaining faithful long-term.

The book is not a comprehensive treatment plan for addiction, and yet it provides a particular lens through which to explore all that Scripture would teach us regarding how to overcome addictive habits.

In addition to P&R’s support, the book has garnered three pre-publication endorsements. Brad Bigney, Jonathan Holmes, and Chris Moles were all very kind to read drafts of the work and give kind recommendations of it. Deepak Reju, the series editor, has also been a tremendous support in the writing and fine-tuning of this work and I am immensely grateful for each of these men and their cheering me on through the process.

Look for more announcements, cover design, and the final release coming soon! Pre-Order your copy of Addictive Habits: Changing for Good today. Thank you again and again for all the kind support in this process. I could not have written this book without all the encouragement from my church, friends, and family.

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