This Week’s Good Music

Here’s this week’s playlist:

1. “A Million Dreams” by The Greatest Showman

We watched the movie this last weekend and we were all pretty stunned by this song. It was on repeat around our house as we enjoyed learning the words and singing along. There was something really beautiful about the song’s ambition, imagination, and love of life.

2. “Jackie is an Atheist” by the Huntingtons

This is possibly the band’s most overtly religious song, and that’s not to say it is very detailed. The song, like all of their songs, is an imitation of the Ramones sound and the album itself, High School RockĀ (1998), is a direct play on the Ramones song “Rock N’ Roll High School”. It was the band’s debut album and it has launched an enduring career for the members. The song is about a fan named “Jackie” who loves to come to their shows and hang out, but she is an atheist. There’s nothing fancy about the song, but it is a fun and a simple song.

3. “Resolution” by The O.C. Supertones

A classic Supertones song from their sophomore release, Supertones Strike Back. The song is a fantastic anthem about committing to follow Christ. Matt Morginsky sings:

I’ve meant to do this for some time
I’ve gotta get it right this time
This time my God I will be Yours,
All my heart, my soul, and mind

It served as a great boost to my own faith this week and challenged me to pursue godliness afresh.

4. “These Dreams of You” by Van Morrison

Another awesome song by Morrison from the brilliant Moondance album. The song is beautiful if actually very sad. Morrison sings with a hint of bitterness and regret over the loss of love, and separation. Every time the weather first starts to warm up Van is an easy selection for me. He adds to the warmth of the sunshine.

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