Monthly Love: April

Here’s some of what I loved in April:

1. Easter with friends

We had 25 in our home as we celebrated Easter this year. It’s hard being away from family on the holidays, but having a house full of laughter makes a world of difference.

2. A Meal with Jesus by Tim Chester

A phenomenal book that utilizes the meals Jesus’ eats across Luke’s gospel as a lens through which to explore both a theology of food and a methodology for mission. Written with beautiful insight and compelling stories I was thoroughly encouraged and inspired by this book.

3. “Your Desire Shall Be for Your Husband” by Ed Welch

Welch has an important alternative take on a significant passage from Genesis 3. The ways that many have read this passage have led to drawing false assumptions about women in general, which inevitably get applied wrongly to specific cases and color the care we provide. This is, I think, an important nuanced interpretation. I first heard of this interpretation through Wendy Alsup, and I am glad to see others picking it up as well.

4. Mike Herrera on Fixer Upper

It was a colliding of worlds this month as one of my high school rock n’ roll heroes was having his home remodeled by Chip and Joanna Gaines. My high school self was freaking out to see MxPx frontman on TV, and my adult self was fixated on his new kitchen makeover.

5. Liverpool FC

The English Premier league club has had a phenomenal season. When they traded Philip Couthino I was pretty bummed, and since I hadn’t heard of Mohammed Salah I had resigned their season to another disappointment. I have been so stunned and excited to see Salah perform amazing feats this year – winning multiple recognitions (including player of the year), and lead the team to UEFA Semi-Finals.

6. 8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder by Carolyn Costin and Gwen Schubert Garb

This was a surprisingly compelling book with loads of practical insights, effective strategies, and personal testimony. I was really helped, as a counselor, in reading this book. It still has some important issues, like some misguided suggestions on motivation, and a poor view of spirituality. Overall, however, it can be combined with Biblical insight and carefully reframed to provide great help.

7. The Greatest Showman

For whatever reason, I had zero interest in seeing this modern musical. My wife and kids wanted to, however, and so we sat down one evening to watch it. I was pleasantly surprised by it. Within the first few songs of the film I was hooked. The romantic and beautiful depicted rooftop scene between Jackman and Williams was captivating, and the song “A Million Dreams” made it even more compelling. We all loved it and have watched it twice already.

8. “The Rise and Rock of Squad Five-O w/ Jeff Fortson (Parts 1 and 2)” from the Eleventy Life Podcast

I had never heard of this podcast nor had I heard of the band behind it, but I loved Jeff Fortson and Squad Five-O in years past. They were one of the most amazing bands I ever saw perform. They had passion, intensity, and great sound. In this podcast, Jeff shares about the band’s history, their break-up, and his own personal life. He talks about the music industry, the church, faith, and positivity. It’s a great interview, if a bit long, with loads of laughs and insights.

9. Visiting Family

With the addition of two new babies to the family we decided to take off and go home for a long weekend this month. It was an absolute joy to visit family on both sides and see the new little ones.

10. Old Detroit Burger Bar

This place in Clawson was legit. Great burgers, cool atmosphere, and a place devoted to the metro in which it lives. Every burger on the menu is named after an area or street in Detroit (I had the Mack Ave, a solid burger covered in Cajun season and topped with crumbled blue cheese). If it were as close as Eclipse Burger in Fraser I would go there all the time!

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