Most Popular Blog Posts of 2016

the-best-2016Here were the top five most popular blogs from 2016:

  1. A Word About Polite Abusers – This blog got picked up by a number of different outlets and reached a much larger audience than my measly little blog. It focuses on the types of abuse that appear, on the surface, to be very “nice” and “polite,” but have an undercurrent of control and manipulation that is particularly wicked.
  2. How Do I Trust My Spouse After Adultery – This blog’s popularity is owing largely to its being shared by both Tim Challies and J.D. Greear. It focuses on how to rebuild trust within a marriage after this kind of heartbreaking betrayal. It is very practically-oritened and that aspect invited attention.
  3. Weaponized Emotions – This blog focused on the ways we use our emotions to justify our sins and surprisingly got a lot of attention, even being picked up by the social media account of a major seminary.
  4. Reflections on Zootpia – The frontrunner Oscar nominee was a huge hit with the general population, so people have searched for reviews and insights into the film and have stumbled, as a result, onto my blog. I am sure it was not as interesting as they had hoped, but it was nonetheless a popular blog.
  5. A Review of The Heart of Domestic Violence by Chris Moles – I loved this book and am so pleased that this review has gotten a lot of attention. This is a unique and important book, especially within the Biblical Counseling community and thus needs to be shared broadly and read by all in ministry.

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