Next Week

nextweekCheck back next week for these posts and more at Pastor Dave Online:

1) A Review of The Vine Project by Tony Payne and Colin Marshall

This is a phenomenal book on strategizing for church health and growth. The elders have been going through this in preparation for our retreat and planning discussion this year, and I have found it very insightful.

2) Bridge Builders: An Introduction

This new series will examine some key Evangelical voices who are doing great work to help bridge divides between groups. Next week I’ll explain more.

3) Studies in Galatians: An Introduction

I am excited to start this study in the book of Galatians next week with an introduction to the book, it’s purpose, context, and themes.

4) Consider the Age of Your Counselee

As part of a short series on counseling, I will start next week with a plea to consider the age of the counselee for more effective counseling.

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