Blog Plans for 2017

2017 Calender on the red cubes
2017 Calender on the red cubes

I’ve been blogging for nearly fifteen years. Admittedly most of that blogging has been pretty terrible and pointless, but writing has always been valuable to me. I write, for the most part, because I have to write. I have to write because I am not smart enough to understand, synthesize, and apply ideas without writing about them. I write because I need the focused attention to help navigate issues and concepts. Needless to say, then, I will continue to write in 2017.

Over the years this particular blog has changed and garnered more of an interested following and so I recognize that I am not writing to be helpful to my readers as well. In order, then, to be helpful here is some of what you can expect to find at Pastor Dave Online this coming year:

  1. Study Project on The Spiritual Gifts – Every year I pick a topic to study for the year and this year I am studying the spiritual gifts. You can read about that decision here. But, as part of my study I will be reading and writing extensively on the subject. Here at the blog you will find my reflections, book reviews, and Biblical-theological notes.
  2. Weekly Book Reviews – I am a voracious reader and nearly every Monday I post book reviews. Some will be from my study project, some will be from new publications just released, and others will be from older works that are relevant to various topics of investigation throughout the year.
  3. Counseling Helps – As a counselor I am constantly thinking about how to help others, both other counselors and counselees. So, I write blogs that serve to give theological/conceptual insight into struggles as well as practical tips for addressing them. This coming year I will be writing particularly on subjects related to our three upcoming Training Seminars on Addiction, Assurance of Salvation, and “Reframing”
  4. Bridge Builders – I have a unique series lined-up for the beginning of this year which seeks to highlight key individuals who are working to build bridges between divergent communities. Inspired by my friends, I want to celebrate, recognize, and thank God for these important people and the unique work they are doing.
  5. Expositional Studies – I will be continuing to do some cursory surveys of Biblical books and writing on them throughout the year. Last year’s study on Daniel was one of the most read series of the year. This year I will be looking at both 1 Corinthians and Galatians, and will likely weave an Old Testament book in there as well, but am undecided at the moment as to which one.
  6. Theology and Beauty – This short series will explore the value of beauty for our theological pursuits. This is a subject far too often neglected among modern theological scholarship and yet, I will hope to demonstrate, that it has immense value.

There will obviously be much more that interests me over the course of the year, but this is a glimpse into some of the topics you can expect to see this coming year. I hope you’ll check back regularly and, as always, I welcome your feedback and interaction.

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