Monthly Love: May

mayHere’s what I loved in May:

1. Brad Bigney

It was such a blessing to have Brad with us for the marriage conference at CBC this month. I have been blessed immensely by Brad over the years – by his teaching, his kindness, his personal encouragement to me, and his example. The conference was a smashing success and I am looking forward to next year’s conference already, but I am thankful for Brad’s visit with and instruction of us this year.

2. Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War

What a fun comic book film! The action was exciting and enjoyable, and the characters that I love were well written into the plot of the film. I especially geeked out over Gi-ant Man, and the addition of Spiderman. His future solo films within the MCU are going to be much-anticipated.

3.  “Blessed Assurance” by Elevation Worship

This is a particularly beautiful version of the old classic hymn.

4. Babies

This should really not be pluralized, cause I am intending really only one baby this month: the one on the way. It was a surprise to us, but God has decided to bless our family with a third child. Krista is now officially 9 weeks pregnant and we are super excited to add to our family.

5. “Stay with Me” by Amos Lee

I pretty much love everything that Amos Lee does, but I go through phases where different songs stand out. This month this beautiful bluesy number just stuck with me.

6. Piada Italian Street Food

This place on Hall Rd. is amazing! Great selection, diverse, and delicious. I especially love the fried calamari with sweet and spicy peppers. Their pasta’s look good too, but I’ve only tried the piadas, they are killer. We actually love this place so much that we ate here twice this month.

7. Theology as Discipleship by Keith Johnson

This is a great little book on the importance of theology for spiritual development. Johnson does an excellent job of demonstrating that the church needs the academic theologian, and surprisingly, the academic theologian needs the church. In both cases, he says, the other helps to check the presuppositions and assumptions of the latter. He also makes a compelling case for theologizing as part and parcel of what it means to follow Jesus. This is an important volume and I really enjoyed it.

8. Gospel Treason by Brad Bigney

A great resource for counselors and counselees alike. The book is written with a real bent towards self-evaluation and application so that the reader is equipped to wrestle with their own personal idols of the heart. Brad’s vulnerability and accessibility make this a compelling book and one that I am going to keep on hand in the counseling resource closet.

9. Royal Bengal Indian Cuisine

This is probably our favorite place in the whole metro. We found it within the first month of living in Michigan and have never found anything as good. Great service, great food, and amazingly diverse tastes.

10. The Heart of Domestic Abuse by Chris Moles

An amazingly well-written book directed out how to counsel abusers. Moles is adamant about the importance of both legal action and church care. He is also passionate about equipping pastors to better address the claims of abuse within the church, the one place where abusers seem most able to hide. This is a fantastic work, and I was blown away by how helpful, insightful, and practical it was right from the start.

11. Warm Weather

It finally came. I know in about a month I’ll be too hot and annoyed, but right now I am enjoying it. The winter is always too long and so I am making the most of the warmth this month.

12. The Jungle Book

This was a surprisingly fun film for our whole family. The voice acting was phenomenal, the CGI beautiful, and the story is as classic as I remember it. The live action version was intense at times, and the inclusion of two of the major songs from the Disney animated film made this a really fun and captivating movie. I highly recommend it.

13. Hiking with the Family

I know, I am as shocked as anyone that I enjoyed this. It was, after all, an outdoor event, but I did enjoy it. We had a lot of fun just walking through the woods together at Stony Creek and laughing together, being “adventurous,” and silly.

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