This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Here are some of the more interesting articles I read around the web this week. Check out the list, there’s bound to be something here that interests you:

1. “X-Men: Apocalypse is a Messy Film Trying to Say Something About God” by Wade Bearden

Honestly, I really wanted to like this film, but it mostly fell flat. Which is disappointing because Age of Apocalypse is a great story. In this insightful article from Christ and Pop Culture, however, Wade Bearden observes some of the interesting interplay between faith in the divine and faith in humanity that weaves its way throughout the film. It’s a good read about a mediocre film.

2. “A Same-Sex Domestic Violence Epidemic is Silent” by Maya Shwayder

As awareness about intimate partner violence continues to grow, its presence among the LGBT community remains quiet. This piece from the Atlantic discusses some of the statistics available, and gives some anecdotal examples to help readers peak inside the massive and yet hidden problem. They also speculate about some of the reasons for its silence. This is an important article because, despite the Evangelical church’s feelings about homosexuality, no one deserves to be harmed, harassed, and violated by those they trust. If this truly is an epidemic the church can be the kind of community that opens its doors to care for those being victimized. Not at the expense, of course, of our convictions about same-sex sex. But if so few places are providing space for help, this kind of trauma provides us an open door to love people like Christ.

3. “Marriage with a Chronically Self-Centered Spouse” by Brad Hambrick

Brad is one of the most insightful and interesting Biblical Counselors doing broad work today. I love his writing and use many of his resources in my own counseling ministries. In this series of 17 posts he discusses the issues of a chronically self-centered spouse. He gives readers help in definitions, distinctions, strategies for interaction, and evaluation of change. To go through all 17 posts will be a lengthy exercise, but for the person struggling in their marriage and with their spouse right now, this is a great resource!

4. “Christ Defeated the Monsters (A Meditation from Luther)” by Brian Hedges

Brian posts, in a unique fashion, an excerpt from Martin Luther’s commentary on Galatians 3:13. It’s a quick but powerful read. Brian helps to communicate the flow of the logic and Luther’s emotion in the way he formulates the text. It is worthy of your time, friends. My favorite line:

Where Christ is near the powers of evil must keep their distance.

5. “Georgia ACLU Leader Resigns Over Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Directive” by Jessica Chasmar

Writing at The Washington Times, Chasmar explains Maya Dillard Smith’s resignation from the ACLU. Smith had an experience taking her young girls to the restroom and encounter two men. As she witnessed the girls’ evident fear and uncertainty she began to reconsider the policies that she once held firmly. This, I believe, will become more a common experience for those on the left.

6. “The Role of Interpersonal Influence in Counterbalancing Psychopathic Personality Trait Facets at Work” by N. Schutte, G. Blickle, R. E. Frieder, A. Wihler, F. Schnitzler, J. Heupel, I. Zettler

This article from the Journal of Management, which I think you will need a subscription to read in full, is a fascinating call to more nuanced discussion of Psychopathy. No two individuals are the same, and this research reveals that the prominence of primary and secondary psychopathy makes a world a difference in the work ethic of employees. As a counselor this is a good reminder that we treat people, not problems, and therefore individuality matters for treatment, care, and interaction.

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