Next Week

nextweekDon’t miss these posts and more next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1)  A Review of The Whole Christ by Sinclair Ferguson

This is a good little book exploring both legalism and antinomianism, and the common ground they share. Utilizing the Marrow Controversy of the mid 1700s, he helps to demonstrate the tendency and temptation of all pastors and believers to give in to these two theological errors.

2) Helping My Addict: Don’t Avoid Responsibility for Your Life

The first post in this new series explores the ways in which we can get so caught up in caring for the addict in our life that we lose touch with taking care of ourselves, sometimes compounding problems and frustrations.

3) The Addict in Us: Emotional Imbalance

The final post in this series explores the emotional extremes that we all struggle with and which give us solidarity with the addicts among us.

4) Studies in Titus: Every Good Work (3:1-11)

Next week’s exposition of Titus will focus on the first 11 verses of the final chapter and the call to “good works.”

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